The Ultimate '80s Movie Gift Guide

80s movie classics like The Terminator, The Princess Bride + Back To The Future are still fan favorites. This gift guide is filled with film goodies.

There’s just something about the movies of the ‘80s that find the perfect blend of humor, imagination, suspense, and adventure. Whether they’re high-octane action flicks, over-the-top fantasy epics, or science fiction odysseys, there’s something for everyone to enjoy with all the excess of their movie magic. Some of the biggest franchises still going today began in the ‘80s, as well as set the groundwork for many of the most popular franchises today.

The ‘80s was a time when you could battle the Terminator, fly on the back of Falkor, go Back to the Future with Doc Brown, and summon the Power of Greyskull all in a single decade. For the fan of the most extra time period possible, here are a carefully curated collection of gifts that will make you say “Awesome the max!”


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Rekindle your love of the classic ‘80s fantasy movie The Neverending Story with this replica of the Auryn amulet worn by the warrior Atreyu in the film. This necklace is sure to bring back fond memories of young Sebastian playing hooky from school and discovering the world of Fantasia through the pages of the Neverending Story.

Measuring 2 inches by 2 inches, in gold and plated silver stainless steel, it depicts two symmetrical snakes consuming each other’s tails, representing the duality between fantasy and reality and all the luck dragons, rock biters, and adventure in between!


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Never has He-Man’s arch nemesis been so adorable as with this representation by Funko Pop!. The mighty Skeletor, in his iconic black and purple battle armor, cowl, and wielding his ram scepter will instantly recall fond memories of Saturday Morning cartoons and the adventures of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Skeletor stands 3 ¾ inches tall, with incredibly vibrant green and yellow hues to his face, as well as a pair of blazing red eyes. Once human, his face was burned off in a horrible accident, and his arrogance and ambition meant his newly horrific countenance was only suited for one purpose - pure evil!


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From the creative mind of Jim Henson and the artistic genius of Brian Froud comes The World of Dark Crystal, an oversized art book that encapsulates all of the sketches, drawings, and production design that went into creating one of the most magical cult films of the ‘80s. Brian Froud and Henson would also bring the enchanting world of The Labyrinth to life.

Revisit the world of Thra, the kindly Gelflings, and the evil Skeksis through 132 pages of this expansive and highly imaginative book, highlighting the exhaustive attention to detail of Froud and Henson as their labor of love turned into a beloved children’s classic.


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As though salvaged from the very endoskull of a fallen T-800, this incredibly detailed goblet lets you enjoy your beverages and pay homage to one of the most popular movies of the ‘80s. The Terminator starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg assassin sent to kill a woman (Linda Hamilton) whose son would one day grow up to lead a resistance against intelligent machines that had taken over the world.

From its glowing red eyes, to the incredible articulation of the machinery making up the endoskull, this officially licensed piece of Terminator merchandise on its singular Cyberdyne Systems plinth is sure to complete the table setting of any diehard Terminator fan.


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Bandy barbs and witticisms like Wallace Shawn with The Princess Bride Scwamble Game, a take-off on Scrabble with some decidedly whimsical twists that reflect the high adventure of the ‘80s cult classic. Not only are all the words in the dictionary at your disposal as a player, but also all the nonsensical lexicon from the film.

If you can spell “twu wuv” and “mawage”, you might just be able to beat this game that can be played between 2 and 4 players. But don’t think forming the “extra words” are easy - you may find them more challenging than the regular ones!


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The young wizardry novice Willow Ufgood’s life is forever changed when he finds a baby floating in the river near his village. She is being hunted by an evil sorceress who, along with her dark hordes will stop at nothing to kill the child and prevent its good magic from destroying her own.

Willow must recruit the rakish swordsman Madmartigan to help protect him and the baby on their journey, as well as elicit the help of many fairy tale creatures along the way. Directed by Ron Howard, with a story by George Lucas, and starring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer, Willow is a little sword and sorcery epic with a big heart.


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From QMX, purveyors of most finely detailed collectibles from cinema and television come the Back to the Future 1:5 replica of the multi-colored neon hoverboard encountered by Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2. Suddenly finding himself in the future, where once he rode a skateboard he now floats above the sidewalk on a cushion of air.

The perfect gift for fans of the wacky ‘80s action comedy, this 2-inch hoverboard sits proudly on your desk at work or on your bookshelf. Originally an exclusive of Loot Crate, it is available as an officially licensed collectible now.


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This Funko Pop! of Kiefer Sutherland as the leader of the vampire gang that tries to turn Michael into a creature of the night comes dressed in his classic black trench coat, with his earrings and spiky hair. He holds the box of takeout that would later turn from noodles to maggots with a little supernatural magic.


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Trap your next phantasm or just your lunch in this Ghostbusters Ghost Lunch Box by Fourth Castle. Resembling a Ghost Trap from the hit ‘80s movie, it features pictures of knobs for functions from key scenes, such as “vapor containment strength”, “particle dispersion”, and “vapor max”.

This Ghost Trap lunch box measures 7 ¾ inches long and is 4 inches wide and 5 ¾ inches tall, and while it’s great for carrying your favorite munchies, it also doubles as a great prop for your next Ghostbusters cosplay or Halloween costume!


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Cuddle up with this cute little plushie from Thinkgeek and almost forget he just burst his way out of your chest cavity! This chestburster plushie from the Alien franchise is an exact replica of the size and scale of the real creature encountered in the popular series of horror films.

Constructed of over 48 inches of smooth, soft velour, the coloration is a dead match for the real chestburster alien, while a wire channel running the length of its body allows you to bend and coil it into any shape you want. This is an officially licensed plushie by 20th century Fox.


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Take care of your very own Gizmo from the cult classic Gremlins with this Gizmo Gift Pack, complete with carrier and instructions on how to take care of your own little Mogwai. This fuzzy guy stands 6 inches tall with fur that feels real, hand painted ears, hands, and face. His ear span is a full 8 inches!

Perfect for fans of Gremlins and ‘80s memorabilia, it’s also a cute play item for children (or the young at heart). Gizmo can take a nap in his carrier anytime he wants, but just remember, don’t feed him after midnight, and don’t get him wet!


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Straight from outer space comes the E.T. Funko Pop! based on Steven Spielberg's classic science fiction adventure movie from 1982. The heartwarming tale of a young boy and his extraterrestrial new friend was an instant hit with young and old alike (Spielberg’s logo for “Amblin Entertainment” is even taken from the film).

E.T. stands 3 ¾ inches tall, with his tummy and finger glowing just like the film! Recreate all your favorite scenes with your own alien friend, and unlike some other Funko Pop!’s out there, this one actually resembles E.T. quite a bit!

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