That ‘70s Show: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

That 70s Show is a series that is known for its kooky characters and hilarious catch-phrases, yet when it comes down to it, it is a series about relationships. Whether it's the relationship between the friends who spend their days bumming around Eric Forman's basement or the romantic pairings that bloom throughout the series, watching these dynamics unfold is ultimately why fans of the series keep coming back for more.

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There's been a handful of romantic pairings on That 70s Show, and while some of these couples work, others totally lack chemistry. Read below to find out which relationships fans supported and which they could not stand.

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Kelso and Jackie had perfect chemistry together which makes a lot of sense considering the fact that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are now happily married with kids.

Funnily enough, Mila Kunis's first kiss was with Ashton Kutcher while filming That 70s Show. It was her first kiss and it will be her last kiss! How sweet is that? Jackie and Kelso had their issues (he would frequently cheat on her) but when they were together you could tell how much they truly loved each other.


Jackie and Fez's relationship is arguably one of the most forced pairings in television history. It is one of those tired tropes where the beautiful girl chooses the "nice guy" in the end, but unfortunately, Fez wasn't the "nice guy" that she was so quick to claim him to be.

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Although Fez is undoubtedly a lovable character, he was very quick to treat the female characters on the show like sexual objects and he would often harass Jackie and Donna without any consideration for their feelings. Jackie and Fez never seemed to have any romantic chemistry before, so when the two finally ended up together it just left fans scratching their heads in confusion.


Eric and Donna are the quintessential pairing on That 70s Show.  They are the glue that holds the series together, a series all about friends with opposing personalities. Eric and Donna are pretty different when it comes to their social status and personalities, yet their oppositions only work to complement each other rather than make things worse.

They are best friends as well as lovers and they truly seem to care about one another as individuals. It is with each other that Eric and Donna feel as though they can be their truest selves.


Fans of That 70s Show were furious when Randy Pearson was added to the series in order to serve as a stand-in for Eric and Kelso. When Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace left the series to move on to bigger projects, Randy's character served as a mix of both the absent characters combined.

Many people believe this move felt unnatural and therefore initiated the decline of the series as a whole. When Randy and Donna had a fling, fans were up in arms over this relationship because the series had been building up for Eric and Donna to remain together for the long haul.


Kitty and Red are the dream team, and they make the perfect husband and wife on That 70s Show. With Red's tough love "foot-in-the-ass" schtick and Kitty's warm/understanding nature, their opposite personalities ultimately benefit the family dynamic and help Eric and Laurie become stronger.

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Although they have been married for decades since before the series began, they still show their love for one another on a regular basis and their romance hasn't fizzled in the way that a handful of romances do over time.  They still put in time and effort for one another, and although their relationship isn't perfect, it is certainly loving and supportive.


People loved Jackie and Hyde as a couple because out of all the relationships in the series, there pairing arguably had the most heat and passion. This is expected with any love/hate relationship dynamic, and at the beginning of the series, these characters couldn't stand each other.

They are complete opposites as well. Jackie is the peppy cheerleader while Hyde is the scruffy bad boy. Their relationship is totally unexpected which is why it works so well. Both Hyde and Jackie become better people with each other, as they are both willing to sacrifice a great deal for one another.


At the beginning of the series, there was a rather forced romance between Hyde and Donna. It seems like a relationship that would be built off of betrayal considering the fact that Eric is in love with Donna, and Hyde knows this.

Their "relationship" only seems like a failed attempt for the writers to add unnecessary drama to the series and we don't see a universe where these two could thrive as a healthy couple. There just isn't any chemistry between the two characters, even as friends.


Although this is the only couple on the list that isn't a part of the That 70s Show canon, people all over the internet show their support and dedication to this fan-made couple. Supporters of this pairing believe Jackie and Eric had the healthiest relationship out of anyone in Eric's basement crew, and that they both desired the same things out of a romantic relationship.

Both Eric and Jackie favored commitment and affection above all else. It is also believed that Eric was the only person out of all the guys who saw her as an actual person rather than just a sex object. It was a potential love story that never got to see the light of day.


Kelso and Brooke may have appeared to be an attractive looking couple on the outside, but the truth is, their relationship was built on a lack of trust. Kelso and Brooke had sex one night at a concert and it ended up getting the librarian pregnant. When they ran into each other again, Brooke pretended to have no idea who Kelso was.

When Kelso found out she was pregnant with his baby, he was relieved over the fact that she pretended not to know him. He had no interest in having a child at that age and she had no interest in letting him serve as her child's father. Eventually, they made it work, but the foundation of their relationship was most likely too rocky to be sustained.


Although Rhonda (known by the gang as "Big Rhonda") is not your typical beauty that you'd expect to see on the cover of Vogue magazine, Fez sees her as the most beautiful woman since Cleopatra. She may be on the dorky side, but to Fez, this makes her all the more endearing.

The two shared a heartwarming relationship that was filled with love and affection. It was nice to see a love interest on the show that wasn't your stereotypical beauty queen. Their relationship fizzled out without explanation but it was incredibly sweet while it lasted.

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