That '70s Show: The 10 Best Hyde Quotes

We all know Steven Hyde as the damaged, bad boy from That '70s Show. Hyde may have personal issues in his past, but boy oh boy is he hilarious. Not only is he blunt and often times pessimistic, he continuously delivers amazing one-liners that are especially perfect for those who enjoy dark humor.

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The rest of the gang can always count on Hyde to tell it like it is no matter how awkward the situation may be. Along with his undeniably cool demeanor, Hyde has given audiences some of the best quotes of the show. Here are The 10 Best Hyde Quotes.

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10 "I'm telling you, the government has a car that runs on water, man"

Nothing quite compared to those scenes in Eric Foreman's basement, and this moment is no different. Though fans could call Steven Hyde a little cold at times, he usually had the very best intentions. Who doesn't love a man who is environmentally aware/suspicious?

9 "You jerk! How am I supposed to yell at you now?"

Hyde is no stranger to parental problems. Both his mother and father left him to be self-sufficient after their divorce, leaving Hyde to put up a strong wall of armor to protect his heart.

When his father ultimately apologized and owned up to being a jerk of a father, Hyde was frustrated to say the least. Nothing is worse than when the person you are angry at, doesn't give you the chance to really get angry!

8 "We got to watch you fall, man. I had a blast!"

Kelso Michael and Fez on That 70s Show

Though he may be a soft guy at heart Hyde is typically the most indelicate guy in the room, ready to laugh at all other character's shortcomings. Let's be honest, nobody can really help but laugh when our friends get a little clumsy and Hyde is no different.

Whether it's Kelso being the klutz he naturally is, or Fez saying something so completely unrelated to the topic at hand, Hyde has no qualms about receiving joy from the 'not-so-great' moments of his friends.

7 "Fez, I don't know why you are smiling, but I promise you won't be"

What is better than laughing when your friends are down on their luck? Answer: Threatening them when they rope you into said bad luck.

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Poor Fez was always getting the rest of his friends into his antics, mostly because he was confused about 99% of the time. But if there was anyone who had the smallest amount of patience for him, it was Steven Hyde.

6 "This is definitely gooder"

When Hyde isn't deeply analyzing the dark secrets of the world, or making fun of  the various members of his friend group, he says things like, "This is definitely gooder."

He never passed up a moment to voice his opinion, especially while under the influence in Eric Foreman's basement. Typically Hyde is either extremely profound in his thoughts, or he says things like...well this.

5 "You know what your problem is? You're really no one ever told you to shut your pie hole"

Hyde and Jackie are still one of the best couples that nobody saw coming. Jackie is super into her looks, money, and is a self-labeled drama queen. Hyde is the rough around the edges guy with a quirky sense of humor and a troubled past. However, what they do share is a mutual love for speaking their mind.

Neither one of them has trouble stating their opinion outright, whether it is at the group or each other. Part of what made their relationship work so well is because they weren't afraid to communicate any problems at hand...even if that communication included a fair amount of yelling.

4 "I don't answer stupid questions"

Hyde is a no-nonsense type of guy who is not in the market for roundabout stories or questions. Basically... he just wishes everyone would get to the point.

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This makes total sense considering he lives with best friend Eric Foreman, who cannot wrap up a story to save his life, and Eric's mom Kitty who has the ability to ask a million questions that nobody wants to answer.

3 "The three true branches of the government are: military, corporate, and Hollywood"

Nothing feels more relevant than this quote. From the '70s to now, Hollywood royalty has had a huge influence in how our country is run, whether citizens realize it now.

Today, especially with the overwhelming multitudes of social media platforms, celebrities have more power than ever to speak up on political issues in our nation. America in 2019 is dying to hear what the likes of Taylor Swift and Chris Evans have to say of our political climate. Hyde was truly ahead of his time!

2 "If I like her, shoot me"

The beginning of relationships are weird, and it is no different for Hyde and Jackie. Jackie was always attached to Kelso, and Hyde is not portrayed as the conventional boyfriend type. However, each time Kelso is awful toward Jackie, Hyde was there for her.

He is insistent that the couple need to break up because he thinks Jackie was "the worst," but he also hated how she is being treated by a cheating Kelso. When he finally admits that he has feelings for Jackie that go beyond friendship, he can barely believe it himself.

1 "Hey if God didn't want me to wear this shirt so much, he wouldn't have made them rock so hard"

Nobody in this world can argue with the fact that Led Zepplin "rocks so hard". Hyde's wardrobe is never anything more than a simple band t-shirt, jeans, and some sunglasses.

And while his outfits may not be overly extravagant, they are stylish nonetheless. Everyone can also relate with wearing the same couple outfits on rotation. Another quote to prove that Steven Hyde is truly just like the rest of us!

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