7 Weirdest Comic Book Superpowers

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Not every superhero can be Superman. The world of superpowers ranges from useful (who doesn’t want super strength?) to downright bizarre. Even super powerful heroes can have an odd-one-out superpower (like Superman’s super ventriloquism), but there are other superheroes and villains that make you wonder why we even bother calling them "super" powers.

Here’s our list of the 7 Weirdest Comic Book Superpowers. While any superpower is cooler and more useful than no superpower, there’s no denying these are particularly bizarre.

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7 Power Over Color

There are at least two characters with a superpower related to controlling colors: DC Comic's Legion of Substitute Heroes Color Kid and Rainbow Girl. Color Kid, originally named Ulu Vakk, was a normal guy until he was struck by a beam of light from another dimension, which gave him the singular ability to change the color of any object at will. While not a totally useless power - he once was able to change the color of a kryptonite cloud, which allowed Superboy and Supergirl to return to Earth - there's no denying it probably won't come in handy too often.

Rainbow Girl doesn't technically control color, but her power is tied to the emotional spectrum, which allows her to tap into certain colors for certain powers - like red for anger. In her first appearance, she surrounded herself with a rainbow-resembling pheromone field, which made her irresistible to everyone. Unfortunately, Rainbow Girl's powers also cause unpredictable mood swings.

6 Producing Acid Through Bodily Functions

Two Marvel mutant members on the X-Force have the ability to produce acid through their bodily functions, both of which were created by Peter Milligan (writer) and Mike Allred (artist). Anarchist, aka Tike Alicar, can sweat acid, which allowed him to generate and project electrochemical energy into his enemies.

The other character, Zeitgeist, produced acid in his vomit. He could spew acidic vomit and had to wear a protective mouthpiece in his costume. Although his acid could burn through thick steel, he had to worry about accidentally throwing up on someone - like that one time he vomited during a make-out session.

5 Super Eating Powers

The perfect superpower for entering as many eating contests as your heart desires, super eating powers actually occur with surprising regularity. Two DC Comic characters are armed with the power to eat any matter, Matter-Eater Lad and Calorie Queen, both of whom hail from the planet Bismoll, whose inhabitants evolved to be able to eat any matter. But unlike Matter-Eater Lad, Calorie Queen is also able to turn her caloric energy into super strength thanks to an experiment.

But Marvel has its own super-powered eater in the mutant Maggott. Instead of a normal human digestive system, he has two slug-like creatures that can eat and digest anything when outside of his body. When they re-enter, the calories consumed turn into superhuman strength, which is admittedly useful, if not super painful.

4 Ability to Change Body Into Random Object

Plenty of comic book characters have the ability to change their body into one random and seemingly useless object. DC Comic’s Stone Boy has received a lot of flak for his ability to turn into solid stone. For most of his run, Stone Boy could only ever transform into inanimate rock, which isn’t exactly a great battle strategy – he did eventually learn to move in his stone state, though. Another DC classic, Bouncing Boy, has the ability to inflate his body into a solid spherical shape like a ball.

There’s also Milson’s Fatman the Human Flying Saucer, who is able to transform into a flying saucer, allowing him to fly faster than sound and deflect bullets.

But villains have also gotten in on the useless object game. A villainous Marvel mutant named Eye-Scream had the unique power of melting himself into any flavor of liquid ice cream, which we guess came in useful for quick getaways.

3 The Ability to Control Only One Object

The ability to control only one object, or one type of object, is also a surprisingly common weird superpower. For example, Marvel’s mutant El Guapo, who was briefly part of X-Statix, focused his superpowers through his skateboard. Similarly, Razorback is a mutant who has the innate ability to drive any vehicle. There’s also Mister Midnite’s useless power to stop all watches and clocks within hearing distance. Mind you, he can’t stop actual time – just clocks.

But the strangest superhero with the power over a useless object was probably Marvel’s Almighty Dollar. With the real name J. Pennington Pennypacker, he once was your average CPA – until he attended a camp run by a crazed scientist and was gifted the power to shoot torrents of pennies out of his hands.

2 Change Your Head Into Any Object

The weird aspect of this superpower is that it only allows you to change a part of your body – not all of it. For example, Marvel’s Ruby Thursday can shape-shift only her head. A villainous character, she replaced her human head with an organic computer made of malleable plastic, which gave her the shape-shifting power.

Her head has appeared as giant lips, a sword, and a pair of wings. It’s also sprouted arms, tentacles, and other appendages. Most usefully, she can make her head explode or hover it above her body.

1 Removable Limbs that Can be Used as Weapons

The most well-known of the removable limb crowd, DC Comics aptly named Arm-Fall-Off Boy, has the ability to detach his limbs and use them as blunt force weapons. Widely considered to be one of the most ridiculous characters ever created, he is the first Legion reject after his body literally falls apart during the test.

But he isn’t the only character with removable body parts. Redbud Studio’s Mr. Jigsaw also has the power to detach parts of his body, though his ability is considerably more impressive since he can independently control the detached parts. And while Marvel’s mutant Marrow can’t remove actual limbs, she can grow bones, which she can then remove and use as weapons.


Those are some of our picks for weirdest superpowers in comic books. What's the weirdest superpower you've ever seen? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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