7 Minute Preview Of 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'

On Sunday night, prior to the encore broadcast of the Fringe premiere, Fox debuted this extended 7-minute preview for The Day the Earth Stood Still. This trailer extends and completes some of the scenes shown in the first trailer.

Upon seeing the first theatrical trailer previewed before Hancock in early July, I was very excited. The trailer felt very dark and cryptic, while being realistic as to what would actually happen in that situation.

Unfortunately, this feeling was mostly shot down for me with this new extended preview.

Judge for yourself:


The new scenes, specifically the ones focusing on destruction or the emerging giant spheres (marbles?) do not really work for me. I think these images also hurt the film's appeal and make it almost "too sci-fi", if that makes sense. It felt to me a lot like the bad parts of War of the Worlds, another remake of a classic science fiction film.

In earlier posts about this movie here on Screen Rant, Vic made it very clear how he feels about the remake and the "global warming" (oh, sorry, climate change) message of this film. Screen Rant also received a nice little letter from (everybody's favorite) Fox Studios about another article we posted which commented on a review of the script from Aint It Cool News. That review, if true, makes the movie sound pretty bad.

Seeing this new preview in combination to what I've been reading about the story, I am not happy about this remake either. I wish they didn't use the original name - they do not need to as it has nothing to do with this film. Using the original name will not make this movie sell more, it's the actors and trailers that make it sell. All this does is tarnish the original name with something that is irrelevent to the original plot and idea.

Clearly, I am not sold yet on this film. What did you think of this extended trailer? Will you see this on the big screen?

The Day the Earth Stood Still opens on December 12, 2008.

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