'7 Days in Hell' Trailer: Andy Samberg Battles Kit Harington on HBO

The mockumentary format has been around for a very long time. One of its most notable examples is the 1981 film This is Spinal Tap, and since then it's been the go-to format for many comedy projects. The format managed to gain new life in the past decade alone following the success of shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Even the upcoming Muppets  TV show on ABC will be utilizing the format.

HBO is getting ready to premiere a new mockumentary film this Summer that has the potential to be one of the most interesting and unique additions to the genre in the past few years.

Today, they released the first trailer (above) for the film - titled 7 Days in Hellwhich centers on a tennis match during the 2004 Wimbledon. Here's the synopsis:

This sports “documentary” brings together Andy Samberg and Kit Harington for a look back at a pair of fictional players from the not-too-distant past, who played the longest and greatest tennis match of all time: a seven-day, five-set marathon that took literally everything out of them. In addition to highlights (and lowlights) from the match, the special looks back at the lives and careers of the competitors: Aaron Williams (Samberg), a hyper-malcontent, and Charles Poole (Harington), a dim-witted prodigy who carried England’s hopes for a tennis champion on his shoulders.

Along with Harington and Samberg - the mockumentary will also star Will Forte, Karen Gillan, Lena Dunham, Michael Sheen, Mary Steenburgen, Howie Mendel, Fred Armisien, Serena Williams, and more.

7 Days in Hell - Eternal Flames First Teaser

The idea of a comedy veteran like Andy Samberg and a leading man like Kit Harington facing off as fake tennis rivals in a comedy film most likely won't be a hard sell for fans of the genre. The trailer manages to tease the pure level of absurdity that is certain to be present throughout without giving much away - including the staggering number of celebrity cameos hinted at with a cast list that includes Will Forte and Serena Williams.

The teaser doesn't show all that much other than brief glimpses at the match itself, along with snippets of footage from before and after the tournament, but is able to perfectly communicate the kind of tone and comedy that 7 Days of Hell is going for. It looks like viewers might be in for an interesting and entertaining ride with this one.


7 Days in Hell is set to premiere Saturday, July 11th, 2015 @10pm on HBO.

Source: HBO

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