'7 Days in Hell' Trailer: The Longest Tennis Match In History

Kit Harington has made headlines of late, thanks to the uncertain fate of his character Jon Snow on the Game of Thrones season five finale. Fans of Jon Snow won’t have to wait too long for Harington return to HBO, though. In a rare foray into comedy for the dramatic actor, he’s starring alongside Andy Samberg in a mockumentary titled 7 Days in Hell.

7 Days in Hell, for those unaware, is a 45-minute documentary-style TV movie that parodies the absurdities of tennis and the conventions of broadcast sports coverage. A teaser trailer for the program has been online for a while, offering a sneak peek at the (fictional) longest tennis game in recorded history, complete with over-the-top characters and celebrity cameos. We now have our first full-length glimpse at the movie, via the theatrical preview above.

Harrington adapts a slick ponytail and vacant expression in 7 Days in Hell to play Charles Poole, while Samberg sports a bodacious mullet as Aaron Williams, the adopted white son of black parents who interrupts the 7-day match to make out with a streaker. The new preview also showcases brief appearances from Will Forte, Serena Williams, June Squibb, David Copperfield, Fred Armisen, Lena Dunham and Mary Steenburgen. Aesthetically, the movie seems to capture the mundane appearance of the tennis court and the tackiness of the athletes’ blinding white outfits.

Kit Harington and Andy Samberg in 7 Days of Hell

7 Days in Hell is an unusual offering from HBO; the network's original movies tend to be dramas, often inspired by real-life events. The 7 Days in Hell trailer suggests this is a welcome one-off experiment and brings to mind the style of Christopher Guest, whose mockumentaries such as Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show (among others) have long been acclaimed for being funny riffs on the non-fictional documentary formula.

7 Days in Hell writer Murray Miller (American Dad, Girls) and director Jake Szymanski (Saturday Night Live) have something of a mixed track record between them, quality-wise, but the amusing mixture of talent in front of the camera (and the film's obvious irreverent tone) are strong indications that this could be a fun mid-summer offering. The concern is the 7 Days of Hell trailer gives away the movie’s funniest jokes, or that perhaps the farcical premise will wear thin over the course of even just 45 minutes.

7 Days in Hell debuts on HBO on Saturday, July 11th, 2015.

Source: HBO

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