'666 Park Avenue' and 'Last Resort' Will Have Definitive Endings

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Last week, ABC announced the mid-season cancellation of two of its highest-profile genre shows: 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort. Though their audiences are comparatively small, the fans of both series expressed their irritation and anger with the cancelations.

With both series headed toward their final episodes, viewers of the two lame-duck offerings are no doubt wondering whether they should tune out now and spare themselves the inevitable disappointment. These viewers may want to continue watching: in what is no doubt a bittersweet consolation to fans, the creators of Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue have both announced that the shows' finales will act as definitive endings, providing viewers with answers and a full sense of narrative closure.

In an article posted on TV Line, the showrunners of both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue stated that they are using the lead time until their shows' cancellations to craft a sense of closure for their viewers. Though their endings are all but assured, both sets of showrunners say that they want to do good by their audiences by making these abrupt season finales into true series finales.

David Wilcox and Matt Miller, executive producers for 666 Park Avenue, have released a statement saying that the horror-drama will, "[build] to a powerful and surprising series finale, where all your questions will be answered. We hope fans of the show continue watching all the way to the end of Jane and Henry’s incredible journey to the dark side." Oddly enough, the ratings for 666 jumped radically in the week after the announcement of its cancellation. DVR numbers for the show rocketed 77%, sparking hopes that the show might be saved from the ABC chopping block. Alas, ABC executives have stated that the show's thirteenth episode will indeed be its last.

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For Shawn Ryan, creator and showrunner of Last Resort, the news of his series' cancellation came as no surprise. In statements made on the Web-based Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, Ryan said that the dipping numbers for Last Resort weighed heavily on the production before the official announcement of its cancellation. He also conceded that the show's intense, military-thriller premise was wrong for its Thursday night timeslot, when most viewers are on the hunt for sitcoms and light drama.

Yet, Shawn Ryan is also hopeful that he can deliver a full and satisfying ending for his rogue submarine drama. With the lead time given by such an early cancellation notice, Last Resort's production team intends to tweak the final episodes so that they wrap up plot threads and resolve the conflict in a way that doesn't feel rushed. On Ryan's Twitter feed, his tone was a mixture of resignation and defiance. In a Tweet to fans, Ryan declared, "News is true. No Back 9 for #LastResort. We will film and and air all 13 episodes. We're going to give you no-holds barred kick-ass ending."

If there is any upside to the cancellations of 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort, it's that their respective creative teams do seem to want to do their stories justice. If they do pull these stated goals off, it will make each show more of a cohesive miniseries than a full run of serialized television. While that may feel like weak compensation to devoted fans, it's certainly better than the clipped, abrupt, or outright nonsensical endings of many cancelled television series.

Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will finish airing their finished episodes on Thursday and Sunday nights, respectively.


Source: TV Line

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