6 Underground Trailer #2: Michael Bay & Netflix Destroy Italian Art

A team of vigilantes (led by Ryan Reynolds) destroy precious Italian art in the new trailer for Michael Bay's Netflix action-thriller, 6 Underground.

Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground

A team of vigilantes destroy precious Italian art in the new trailer for Michael Bay's upcoming Netflix action-thriller, 6 Underground. With his days on the Transformers franchise behind him, Bay is getting back to what he does best: making action movies full of explosions and car chases, but without the giant CGI robots. His upcoming film, 6 Underground, stars Ryan Reynolds as the leader of a vigilante squad who fake their deaths in order to erase their pasts and go undercover as they battle the world's most dangerous criminals.

In addition to dropping a trailer, Netflix confirmed 6 Underground for a December premiere at the start of October. The first preview mostly focused on the film's spectacle, but also highlighted the playful dialogue by Reynolds' Deadpool 1 & 2 writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. By comparison, the latest promo is presented as a faux "Visit Italy" commercial that has Reynolds and his crew driving around in sports cars and casually destroying a whole lot of the country's fine art along the way.

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Netflix dropped the new 6 Underground trailer online this morning, with just under a month to go before the movie begins streaming. You can check it out, below.

Like the first trailer, the latest 6 Underground promo offers little insight in the film's plot, choosing to focus on its "Bayhem" instead (massive set pieces, stylized slow-motion, sun-drenched landscapes). The approach makes sense all the same. 6 Underground has long been touted as Bay's anticipated return to the R-rated style of his 1990s films like Bad Boys and The Rock, so there's little reason to get caught up on trying to explain the actual story. According to its synopsis, the movie revolves around a half-dozen operatives who are "the very best at what they do", and driven by a desire to make the future better. In Dave Franco's case, those special skills apparently include being able to drive a car while quipping about hot women in Italy, without running over anyone (or puppies), yet destroying every other thing that gets in his way.

All joking aside, 6 Underground (so far) appears to be a fairly successful mashup of Reynolds' action-comedy sensibilities and Bay's bigger-is-always-better filmmaking philosophy. Netflix has spent a whopping $150 million on making the movie, so they're clearly expecting to draw a lot of eyes when it launches in about four weeks. December has been a rewarding time for the streaming service over the last two years, with both David Ayer's fantasy buddy cop hybrid Bright and Sandra Bullock's horror-thriller Bird Box bringing in large viewership numbers during that frame. If all goes to plan, Netflix will be three-for-three with December tentpoles after 6 Underground arrives on the scene.

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  • 6 Underground (2019) release date: Dec 13, 2019
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