'5nal Destination' Opening Disaster Revealed?

Final Destination 5 Eric Heisserer writer

Following on the heels of the clever, albeit misleading, titling of the fourth Final Destination film, The Final Destination, New Line Cinema has revealed the title for Final Destination 55nal Destination.

The Final Destination was thought to be the final film in the franchise (until it grossed nearly $185 million on $40 million budget) - paving the way for 5nal Destination.

In addition to the updated title, Bloody Disgusting also has information regarding the opening 'disaster' scene in 5nal Destination.

"We've got confirmation that the opening disaster involves a suspension bridge collapsing."

While we still have to wait for official confirmation, a collapsing suspension bridge seems like a plausible set-piece out of the Final Destination playbook which, so far, includes an airplane explosion, multi-car highway pileup, derailed roller coaster, and epic speedway accident.

5nal Destination was written by Eric Heisserer who penned the recent Nightmare on Elm Street remake, as well as the upcoming The Thing prequel. Heisserer has previously discussed the direction he intends to take 5nal Destination, with a focus on “going to go back to what made the original work and build from there... creating a good suspense horror movie that happens to be a Final Destination movie."

Despite lackluster responses to Heisserer's attempt with Nightmare on Elm Street, Final Destination fans still have a few things to keep them hopeful - most notably the addition of longtime James Cameron protege, Steven Quale, sitting in the director's chair. Quale has worked on a number of films including Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Titanic, and Avatar - though, 5nal Destination will represent his first time directing a feature-length picture.

Quale isn't the most obvious choice for the 5nal Destination director's chair but, given that the fifth film will again use 3D cameras, he may not be as out of left field as you might think. Certainly anyone within Cameron's sphere, especially someone with Avatar experience, is a valuable commodity for any film that wants to use 3D. That said, The Final Destination, compared to Avatar, represents the polar opposite, in terms of 3D effects, from what made Cameron's film such a success. Final Destination 3D is gimmicky and in your face, where as Cameron sold us all on 3D with subtlety.

Considering 5nal Destination, was green-lit because of  New Line's "inability to resist" (and subsequent interest in making money) instead of actually having a good reason to continue the franchise, it's easy to imagine that Quale, will be asked to ditch subtlety, and just lob decapitated heads out of the screen.

Shooting is scheduled for September, so we've still got awhile before we'll know whether Quale and Heisserer are able foresee any impending box-office disaster - and adjust accordingly. Though, no matter what they do, we all know death is going to catch up with the Final Destination franchise eventually - maybe on F9al Destination.

Will you go see 5nal Destination? What do you think of the suspension bridge disaster scene idea?

5nal Destination has a tentative release date of August 26, 2011

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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