5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012

5 Movie Geek Questions (2012)

The year 2012 is a pivotal one - and not just because of that whole 'world coming to an end' business.

Sure, in one sense the movies of 2012 will be a smattering of the usual varieties, in the usual genres, encompassing the usual range of quality. However, within that spectrum of cinematic potential, there are some definite matters of interest amongst hardcore movie geeks that will be addressed or proven within the next calendar year.

We'd like to offer 5 questions we think movie geeks should be keeping in mind as they view their most anticipated films and watch the debates unfold - all while the box office profits get tallied, and the future of the movie biz is once again charted.

5 Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012...

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