The Real Housewives: 5 Housewives We Want Back (& 5 We Hope Stay Gone)

The Real Housewives franchise is a very popular one, as it gives a glimpse into the lives of attractive and affluent women in cities such as New York, Beverly Hills, Dallas and Atlanta. It all started in 2006, with The Real Housewives of Orange County, and over the years, new installments and many new wives have been added in, which brings us to this list…

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Here are the five housewives we would love to see back on their TV shows, as well as five ex-cast members that we are fine with never seeing on these reality television series again.

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10 Want Back: Carole Radziwill

The first housewife we would want back is Carole Radziwill. She was married to Jacqueline Kennedy's nephew, worked for ABC, wrote books, dressed in the coolest way and was on The Real Housewives of New York City for six seasons. Her life was interesting, and on the show, fans watched her friendships grow and change, her dedication to running and her relationship with  Adam Kenworthy, who is a chef and 21 years younger than Radziwill. No matter what drama came along, though, this chick always had a laid-back attitude that was so great. 

9 Stay Gone: Jules Wainstein

Someone from RHONY that can stay gone is Jules Wainstein. She enjoyed fashion and traveling. She had a husband, Michael, and two kids, Jagger and Rio. And all we really remember is the storyline where she injured her… private area. This franchise is all about excitement and drama and dynamic women who make for good TV. Wainstein just was not this, and there are so many other choices who could really add some more interest to this group in The Big Apple. Thankfully, she only lasted one season. 

8 Want Back: Caroline Manzo

Let’s move on to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, where one of the most normal and rational ex-cast members lives: Caroline Manzo. This woman loved in a big way, so she sometimes came across super fierce, as she would do anything for her friends and family. And speaking of her family, they helped to make her such a great choice for this show; everyone loved how close they all were, as well as how attractive they all were! Sadly, she has not been part of this for quite some time, but if she ever wanted to return, we would gladly take her, sit back and watch as she dished out truth to everyone. 

7 Stay Gone: Amber Marchese

Amber Marchese was on the sixth season of RHONY, and she was another one that just did not bring the heat like the other leading ladies on this show. Plus, she is married to Jim Marchese, who has been in the news several times over the past few years… and not in a good way. From domestic violence accusations and suing Virgin Airlines to being accused of not paying for his son’s college education, because his son is gay, these are things and people that can certainly stay far away from this precious Bravo franchise. 

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6 Want Back: Lauri Peterson 

Since The Real Housewives of Orange County has been on for so long, there are several past housewives that would be neat to see again, but our top pick is Lauri Peterson. First off, she embodied what is expected from O.C. housewives, as she was a blonde who lived a glamorous life, which led to shopping excursions, dinners, parties and trips that made for good entertainment. Secondly, she got her fairytale wedding, and romance is always a nice addition to this show. She also had several children that added to her interesting story.

5 Stay Gone: Peggy Sulahian

Also on RHOC was Peggy Sulahian, and she is another one who can stay gone! She was married to Diko, who loved cars. She had a double mastectomy. And she just never seemed to fit in here. Sure, the established ladies are always slow to warm up to new girls, but every interaction and conversation seemed confusing. Was it because of her or them? Either way, she did not last long, and that is fine with us. Oh, and she was the 100th housewife... a title she still waves around, despite not being on the series any longer. 

4 Want Back: Kim Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is another popular installment of this franchise, and a person we would like to return is Kim Richards. She was a child actress, as was her sister, Kyle, who is still on this show. It is always fun to watch family members, and it is definitely always exciting to see fights and accusations and glasses thrown and tables flipped; Richards found herself in the middle of a couple of these battles, and as a fan favorite, we think it is time for her to come back to reality TV.

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3 Stay Gone: Lynne Curtin

As mentioned, RHOC has had so many different housewives, so there is another one from this locale that has made our “stay gone” list: Lynne Curtin. Many may just remember that she made jewelry (specifically, cuffs), and everyone surely remembers her daughters. They seemed like a handful back in the day, and recent reports show that nothing has changed. Lawsuits, arrests, working in the adult film industry in order to pay for plastic surgery, getting accused of hurting grandma and offering up interesting photos online are just a few of the things with which these two are/have been involved.

2 Want Back: Brandi Glanville 

The last two people to be mentioned on this list are both from Beverly Hills. First up is Brandi Glanville, and of course, we want her back! She may be the most outspoken housewife of all time, and even if fans didn’t agree with all she did or said, everyone can surely agree that she made for some intriguing scenes and episodes. She recently appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for a brief moment, hanging out with her friend Denise Richards. Imagine those two together each and every week. How exciting!

1 Stay Gone: Carlton Gebbia

Another ex-cast member that was from RHOBH was Carlton Gebbia. Some of the women she was on TV with may not want her back, due to her witchy vibes; she lived in a Gothic-inspired house, she named her kids Destiny, Mysteri and Cross, she was working on a horror script, and she seemed to always be wearing black. The reason she is on this list, though, is because, like the others who can stay gone, she did not bring it. Fans expect and deserve to see high-quality drama, and there are so many other people in Beverly Hills who could do this better than Gebbia. 

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