New '47 Ronin' Trailers: Epic Samurai Battles in CGI Grandeur

47 Ronin Trailer (US and UK)

In 47 Ronin we get the embellished legend of a true Japanese tale about 47 disgraced and disenfranchised samurai who went on an unthinkable suicide mission to avenge their slain lord. Of course, in the Hollywood version of things, the story centers on Kai (Keanu Reeves) a half-breed samurai warrior sold into slavery, who becomes the 'chosen one' hope for the disgraced samurai - who are now battling an evil sorceress (Pacific Rim star Rinko Kikuchi) and her demonic hordes.

Along with the new UK trailer above we have a new domestic trailer fro the film, which you can view below:

We put the UK trailer up top because in all honestly it was the better of the two, laying out the film's story in much more epic scope and detail than the random montage style of the domestic trailer, which runs too long and shows off too much. In fact, between these two trailers - and the many trailers that preceded them - it seems like we've already caught glimpses of all the major action set pieces included in the film (Keanu vs. the Troll, Ronin storming the fortress, Keanu vs. Dragon Lady, etc.).

47 Ronin Trailer (US and UK)

What we don't see much of, is the camaraderie (or lack thereof) between Keanu and the collection of Japanese actors playing the Ronin. There is clearly a character story at the heart of this film, but there has been little of it hinted at in these trailers; what we ARE being sold on, however, is the visual design of first time feature-film director (and Ridley Scott protege) Carl Rinsch. And, while that visual design looks pretty inspired (especially for the 3D format), it's also a tech-heavy style that seems somewhat at odds with the period piece setting - rather than creating a samurai version of 300 like Universal was no doubt hoping for.

Still, a Christmas Day release date practically ensures that this action flick will turn at least a moderate profit.


47 Ronin will be in theaters on December 25th.

Sources: Yahoo & MSN

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