'47 Ronin' International Trailer #2: Keanu Reeves Battles Strange Creatures

Rinko Kikuchi in '47 Ronin'

The success of Zack Snyder's 300 is something of a testament to how much audiences appreciate tales about small numbers overcoming impossible odds, but time will tell whether this will be true for 47 Ronin, the largely fictionalized movie based on an already much-embellished true story about 47 samurai who become ronin (leaderless) when their lord dies after crossing a cruel court official, and vow to exact revenge for his death. Despite budget problems and delays, 47 Ronin is on its way into theaters this Christmas, with Keanu Reeves playing a mixed-race outlaw who agrees to help the ronin in their quest.

It's hard to get much more international than a trailer for a movie about a Japanese legend that stars a Canadian of Hawaiian descent speaking in overdubbed Russian, and this heady combination alone is enough to make the second international trailer for 47 Ronin worth watching. Slightly longer than the previous international trailer but still shorter than the full-length version.

A lot of the clips in this trailer have been shown previously, but it does offer a slightly extended look at the battle between Kai (Reeves) and Pacific Rim star Rinko Kikuchi as Mizuki, a shapeshifting witch and one of Kai's deadliest foes. Appearing in a villain role so soon after playing a heroine in a world-saving action movie will be an excellent opportunity for Kikuchi to show off her range, and could easily cement her place as a rising star.

Rinko Kikuchi in '47 Ronin'

Also featured amongst the enemy line-up of 47 Ronin is Rick Genest AKA Zombie Boy AKA Rico the Zombie, a model whose entire body is covered with skeletal tattoos and ghoulish designs. Genest is recognizable from a range of ads and commercials, and is perhaps best known for featuring in the music video for Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," but his role as a character simply called 'Savage' in 47 Ronin will be his first real test as an actor.

47 Ronin looks like it will have some very vivid and memorable imagery, along with some vibrant samurai costumes, but the CGI for Mizuki's dragon form looks a little cheesy and that could pose a few concerns considering that the movie looks like it will be fairly CGI-heavy. Some of the other effects that have been shown look completely fine, so hopefully director Carl Rinsch will be able to pull off the monsters and magic without detracting too much from the drama. This might prove difficult, though, considering Rinsch was pulled from the film during post-production.

Tell us in the comments if the trailers for 47 Ronin have given you hope for this film, or whether you think the numerous issues during production are going to be reflected on the screen.


47 Ronin opens in U.S. theaters on 25th December, 2013.

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