Carl Rinsch To Direct '47 Ronin'

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If you don't know Carl Rinsch's name, he is the young protegé (and potential son-in-law) of acclaimed directors Ridley and Tony Scott. Rinsch's name first surfaced on the movie blog radar when Sir Ridley tapped him on the shoulder to direct the upcoming Alien prequel that 20th Century Fox is developing. The studio has since nixed that arrangement, insisting that Ridley himself direct the new Alien.

Well, it seems as though Carl Rinsch has managed to land on his feet: He'll be helming 47 Ronin, a samurai historical epic being developed by Universal and producers Scott Stuber and Pamela Abdy, starring Keanu "Whoa" Reeves in the lead.

Rinsch's filmography consists mainly of "futuristic" TV commercial work (Heineken, BMW), but if the Scott brothers took him under wing (and into their household) then there has got to be some potential there. Remember, District 9 director Neil Blomkamp was "just a TV commercial director" not too long ago...

With 47 Ronin, Rinsch will be tackling the legendary true tale of a band of 47 samurai in the 18th Century, who embark on a perilous mission to avenge their slain master. My guess is Reeves will be playing the head of the samurai clan (masterless samurai were called "ronin", BTW). 47 Ronin is a pretty famous story and (if I'm reading this correct) this latest take will be a remake of a remake...


While the premise sounds like a Seven Samurai-esque epic with a lot of kick-ass potential, it is ironic to hear that Rinsch - touted as a "futuristic wunderkid" - is attached to a historical epic. Maybe there are some wild plans for the visual style of the film? Maybe this is simply a training exercise to see what Rinsch is capable of? Too early to tell...

What do you think about Carl Rinsch being attached to 47 Ronin? Does it sound like a good project for the young director, or, based on his commercials, would you expect him to be helming  a sci-fi project instead?

No word yet on when 47 Ronin will be in theaters.

Source: THR

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