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Shark movies are back in style thanks to 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, which is director Johannes Roberts’ follow-up to his 2017 cult hit. The film, which premieres on August 16, also marks the big screen debut of Sistine Rose Stallone and Corinne Foxx. Both actresses joined their co-star Sophie Nélisse to tell Screen Rant about their first experience filming and their newfound fear of water.

First of all, congratulations on the film. Oh my God, my heart jumped out of my chest in so many scenes here. I thought I shit myself. So, water-based films are always tricky to produce in Hollywood. How much time did you guys actually spend in the water? And how does that affect your performance or enhance your performance?

Sistine Rose Stallone: There were so many things that we had to consider trying to act underwater. We’re still trying to figure out the numbers. How long was it?

Corinne Foxx: I think it was like five hours a day under the surface. So, like, our heads would go under, they’d press the stopwatch, and from that moment, it was five hours.

Sistine Rose Stallone: We’d still be in the water, and there’d be a tray of snacks floating.

Sophie Nélisse: We’d learn lines with our paper above the water and stuff like that.

Corinne Foxx: So, yeah, we were there for a long time. Honestly, it seems like there's a lot going on – we had our equipment and learning to breathe – but those girls would actually be doing all of that if they were diving underwater. So, I think it helped our professional because we were doing exactly what they'd be doing.

For the majority of the film, you guys are in masks. Does that hinder your performance at all as well?

Sophie Nélisse: It’s weird, because when you talk to someone, you see them on the side of you. But the way it's done, you can't really see them. And there was this weird thing where they seemed closer than they were.

Sistine Rose Stallone: Yeah, it was like your perception was very off.

Sophie Nélisse: You have to fully turn to talk to someone, which is odd, because you're not used to doing that. So, there was a lot of adjusting to that.

Sistine Rose Stallone: What I had to learn was, instead of turning your head right-to-left, you would have to look with your eyes or else your face would be completely out of shot. So, there were just little things you had to pick up on.

Now, this is your director’s second time doing this film. Are there any tricks that he learned to get the performance out of you guys by putting you in a situation or getting more out of your character?

Corinne Foxx: He'd be above ground, and there was a mic in the water where he could talk to us.

Sistine Rose Stallone: That was so funny.

Corinne Foxx: Sometimes we’d be going through, and he be like, “Shh! Dun dun dun dun.”

Sistine Rose Stallone: He’d be like, “Go, girls! There’s a shark behind you!” We were like, “Whaaa?”

Corinne Foxx: He’s going, “Aaaah!” into the mic. But it did kind of help, because I think it added to the intensity of it. And it was also just really cute.

Sistine Rose Stallone: It was so cute.

Sophie Nélisse: And I think the first time around, they did the London part before doing the Dominican part – which, the Dominican part is all the beauty shots. So, I think he switched it around for us to really get the bonding there before we actually got to do all the intense stuff. So, we became really close friends before doing all the hardcore stuff.

Has doing this film changed your perception of what you thought about sharks? 

All: No. We’re all still very scared.

Sistine Rose Stallone: It is elevated, actually.

Corinne Foxx, Sistine Rose Stallone, and Brianne Tju in 47 Meters Down Uncaged


Sistine Rose Stallone: Of course.

They say face your fears, don’t they?

Sistine Rose Stallone: I’m just looking at that poster, like, “Why would I ever go in the ocean?” now. I keep seeing that.

Sophie Nélisse: No. I mean, we were shooting open water in the Dominican, and we were so scared. We kept looking underneath, talking to our divers, making sure if anyone spotted a shark, we would be the first ones out of the water.

Corinne Foxx: We were really scared.

Now, obviously, this is an ensemble movie. Do you think that you guys would be your character? Or would you guys be somebody else?

All: No.

Corinne Foxx: We are exactly our characters.

Sophie Nélisse: 100% our characters.

Sistine Rose Stallone: To a T. I did not feel like I had to act. Because I’m like, “This is something I would say, this is the tone I would use.” I am my character.

We all have a Nikki in our life. You know what I mean?

Sistine Rose Stallone: I am that girl in the group. There’s always the one.

Yeah? That's amazing. Well, you guys did an amazing job on this film. And for the two of you, this is your first onscreen [role]. Why was this the right project for you guys?

Corinne Foxx: I think because it was challenging. We could have done a different type of movie, but we really had to push ourselves, we had to learn so much. And so, I think that was what attracted the both of us to this. Because not only were we making our like feature film debut, but we were also learning so much along the way.

Sistine Rose Stallone: Yeah. Not only was I a fan of the first one, a huge fan, there was an element of athleticism that you did need to have in doing this. And I was born in such a sport-oriented household, so I loved getting to kind of showcase that a little bit. Plus, I'm such a girl’s girl. So, knowing that there'd be three other girls doing with me, I was excited just to bond and make friends.

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