47 Meters Down Sequel Gets a 2019 Release Date

The sequel to hit indie shark thriller 47 Meters Down has acquired both theatrical distribution and a summer 2019 release date. 47 Meters Down was but the latest entry in what seems to be a minor resurgence of serious-minded shark movies in recent years, with franchises like Sharknado having relegated the shark to serving as the antagonist of primarily comedic monster flicks. Next year's Meg looks to continue this growing return to shark-based thrills, albeit with a giant prehistoric predator.

Like 2016's The Shallows, 47 Meters Down did not at all play its aquatic threat for laughs, constantly putting its isolated characters in literally life or death situations. 47 Meters Down traveled a bit of a strange road to get to its ultimate success, initially being acquired by Dimension Films back in 2014, before sitting on a shelf for a couple years. Dimension then announced plans to finally release the film direct to video in summer 2016, albeit under the altered title In the Deep. Shortly before that was set to happen, the film was scooped up by small distributor Entertainment Studios, returned to its original title, and set for a theatrical release.

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That release took place on June 16, 2017, and saw 47 Meters Down overcome the odds and become a financial hit. Made on a budget of only $5.5 million, 47 Meters Down ended up grossing $53.9 million theatrically, making it quite the profit generator for all companies involved. A sequel film - simply titled 48 Meters Down - was announced a while back, and Deadline reports that Entertainment Studios has unsurprisingly acquired the distribution rights for this one as well. Additionally, 48 Meters Down is now officially set to hit theaters on June 28, 2019.

47 Meters Down

Returning to direct 48 Meters Down will be Johannes Roberts, a rising name within the horror community. Roberts will also once again co-write the script, alongside his 47 Meters Down writing partner Ernest Riera. Roberts recently helmed a sequel to 2008 sleeper hit The Strangers, entitled Strangers: Prey at Night. That film was also financed and produced by The Fyzz Facility, producers of both Meters Down entries.

48 Meters Down moves the action from Mexico to Brazil, and will focus on a brand new group of five adventurous female friends. Seeking some fun outside of the normal tourist traps, the group learns of a section of hidden underwater ruins, and head down to check it out for themselves. Unfortunately, while there may not be tourists to worry about within this underwater city, there is something much worse waiting in the depths: hungry sharks.

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48 Meters Down bites into theaters on June 28, 2019.

Source: Deadline

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