Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: April 14 2013

April 14 Box Office - 42

The parody genre falters in this week's box office, while a truly inspiring story reigns supreme.

In at number 1 this weekend is 42 (read our review) with $27 million. The true story of Jackie Robinson – the first African American to play major league baseball in the modern era – dominated the box office this weekend, far exceeding expectations.

And with nary an A-list star to speak of, save for Harrison Ford in a supporting role, the film's success likely rests solely on the back of Robinson's inspiring story. Though it's been almost 70 years since Robinson started at first base, his story is still very poignant today.

Coming in at number 2 is Scary Movie 5 (read our review) with $15 million. Once a high profile player in the low budget comedy market, the Scary Movie franchise has apparently tapered off quite a bit.

Though this film was only made for a reported $20 million, its $15 million opening weekend is the weakest of the five Scary Movie films. And while the first two Scary Movie films are still considered the best of the bunch, Scary Movie 3 and 4 both grossed over $40 million on their respective opening weekends. Considering A Haunted House got the green light for a sequel, we're not ready to count this franchise out, but maybe audiences are.

The Croods comes in at number 3 with $13 million. Fox's animated film has now grossed $142 million at the domestic box office, which is good enough for the number 2 spot on the 2013 overall list. The Croods also continues to hold a strong share of the weekend box office, dropping only about 35% from weekend to weekend.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is the number 4 film this weekend with $10 million. The big budget sequel is now over the $100 million mark with $102 million.

Rounding out the top 5 is Evil Dead with $9 million. Last week's number 1 film dropped off quite a bit, but is now up to $41 million in domestic grosses.

Jurassic Park 3D comes in at number 6 with $8 million. The 3D re-release grossed $31 million over two weeks, which brings Jurassic Park's lifetime gross up to $338 million.

In at number 7 is Olympus Has Fallen with $7 million, which brings its domestic total up to $81 million. It won't be for long, but the film is number 5 among the highest grossing films in 2013.

April 14 - Scary Movie 5

The reigning 2013 champion, Oz the Great and Powerful, comes in at number 8 with $4.9 million. Disney's mega hit is now up to $219 million – the number to beat for this summer's new releases.

Tyler Perry's Temptation is the number 9 film with $4.5 million. Now at $45 million, Tyler Perry's latest is right in the director's sweet spot between $40 and $60 million.

Rounding out the top 10 is The Place Beyond the Pines with $4 million on only 514 screens. The second collaboration between director Derek Cianfrance and Ryan Gosling is now up to $5 million.

Outside the top 10: the Tom Cruise sci-fi flick Oblivion made $61 million overseas. The presence of Cruise alone is typically good for a solid box office opening. We'll find out when the film releases domestically on Friday.

Danny Boyle's Trance (read our review) expanded to 438 screens this weekend, and grossed $925,000. Trance is not faring well with critics, which explains the relatively low per-screen average.

[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, April 15th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]


Source: Box Office Mojo

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