3D Style: Sunglasses, iPhone, and iPod 3D Technology Coming Soon

3D Sunglasses and iPod iPhone Technology

If you are still hoping for signs of an inevitable end to 3D entertainment, the industry is poised to prove you wrong. As if the overload of movies isn't enough, new technology is in development all around the world to keep up with the changing times.

Oakley and Calvin Klein are releasing designer 3D sunglasses and Hasbro is developing iPod and iPhone 3D technology.

Alongside television's crossover into the third dimension, the world of 3D is spreading way beyond movie theaters.

There are two sides to today's 3D update. The sunglasses look cool and should be applicable in everyday fashion. The 3D device to upgrade your iPod or iPhone is an ugly little thing that looks like a View Master - yes, the handheld toy from Fisher-Price.

The sunglasses are a productive move for theatrical 3D. It may not cure the problem for viewers that wear prescription sunglasses, but those who complain about the ugliness of 3D glasses will now have something to wear all day - or at night. The design of these new sunglasses are pretty sexy, to say the least.

3D Glasses over prescription glasses

Ironically, Oakley's goal was more than fashion. They've actually created the first ever optically correct 3D glasses. The company's press release is filled with information - as well as pride.

"This is a landmark moment in 3D entertainment. We began with a single goal: to set the standard for optical performance in 3D. No one has ever engineered optically correct 3D glasses. We collaborated with industry partners and utilized the DreamWorks facility for testing. For OAKLEY 3D GASCAN, we achieved unparalleled visual clarity while extending the wearer's peripheral viewing angle and providing truer alignment of 3D images. This is a technological breakthrough that sets a new standard for 3D."

Oakley's glasses will be available later this week for $120. Competitor Calvin Klein has also dipped their hand in the basket with a $180 pair available in December.

While Calvin Klein may be more inclined to promote fashion, they've still created a workable 3D pair that function appropriately. With Marchon3D, the fashion company has provided a pair of glasses that may market more to the female crowd, but definitely enhance the look of a 3D audience. Calvin Klein's press release has a bit of a different vibe than Oakley's though.

"With Marchon3D's M3D technology and ck Calvin Klein Eyewear's sleek, fashion-forward design, we are providing consumers the best 3D-enabled sunglass on the market. Having infused technology and fashion only raises the bar in the 3D eyewear field and Marchon is excited and proud to lead the industry."

The competition between companies is irrelevant to us. We are still waiting for technology to focus on more important issues, like eliminating the glasses completely. You won't hear any clothing and accessory companies being the driving force behind glassless technology - but hopefully the right scientists are working in the right labs.

The other major 3D advancement is on the personal entertainment side of things. Hasbro has a lucrative future with 3D as their toys continue to be made into 3D action blockbusters like Transformers: Dark of the Moon. But they've decided to bring it even closer to home with My3D.

My3D looks like View Master

The new device, which you can see at the top of the page, looks like a pair of small binoculars - attaching directly to the iPod or iPhone. Expected to launch in early 2011, the device will cost only $30. For any kind of new technology, that's a good price - but what does it say about the quality?

Hasbro is leading the way in handheld 3D entertainment with MY3D and their press release shares a hopeful enthusiasm.

"The My3D platform combines proprietary 3D technology with unique 360 degree content and leverages the popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch to deliver premium entertainment in immersive, 'larger than life' 3D anytime, anywhere."

My3D content will be available as iOS applications and Hasbro claims to be working on more ideas with many production companies. There are over 100 million iPods and iPhones in consumer hands right now, which provides a great market for My3D.

[caption id="attachment_60376" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption=""This audience is not fashionable enough." - Fashion executive"][/caption]

There is no question the future is filled with silly technological advancements - for the sake of the next best thing in media entertainment. It will continue to be our way of wasting cultural movements for a profitable return.

Would you wear 3D glasses more willingly if they were fashionable? Are you willing to dish out over $100 for something that comes with a movie ticket?

Source: Mobiledia and Market Watch [via /Film]

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