3D-Ready Projector Released by Optoma

3D hasn't just been tapping on the glass of the future - it's banging metal gauntlets on the living room windows of everyone. With James Cameron's Avatar making its long-awaited debut next week, and the many movies over the last year that have made their 3D leap from big screen to smaller screen, the fundamental experience of 3D continues to make its march into your homes.

A company called Optoma has just announced the release of the HD66, the company's first-ever 3D-ready HD home theater projector. This is the first product that's being pitched as the perfect solution not only for 3-D home entertainment, but also specifically for gaming use.

Folks, the doorbell is thundering.

What's often been the anchor that prevents the average home entertainment-phile from moving into the projector swimming pool is the price point for projectors. Options, depending on resolutions, available contrast settings and more in the past meant spending $2,500 to $8,000 for a higher-end product. Optoma is leading the way to true 3D home theater and gaming satisfaction with a 5-pound device, that features a 4000:1 contrast ratio for only $699.

If you've ever thought about "having a larger television" and have wanted not only to get the best bang for your buck, but also the LARGEST SCREEN for your buck, Optoma is providing a true and literal game-changer now.

Are you interested in the prospect of having a projector as the newest addition to your home theater/living room? Discuss below!

Source: Optoma

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