The Debate Rages On…

Ultimately, viewers have plenty of valid reasons to avoid 3D, and there are a lot of wrinkles that still need to be ironed out – since, in addition to personal predispositions and creative control, 3D can outright alienate a significant chunk of the population who can’t even see the effect. Yet, a lot of especially-vocal anti-3D crusaders are working with outdated information – and hopefully, this article helps clarify a few long-running misconceptions.

To be fair, it’s a very complicated industry fueled by a mix of creative and business-minded individuals, quick-evolving technology and complex methodologies that are full of variations – all before the subsequent 3D footage ever gets presented to viewers with subjective tastes and differing preferences. Over the years, we’ve certainly learned more than a few ways that 3D filmmaking can go awry – delivering distracting and downright ugly results. Still, there isn’t one single “right” way to approach or measure quality 3D. Native or post-converted, subtle or in-your-face, moviegoers are enjoying a wide variety of 3D offerings available in theaters (and at home).

Of course, not every 3D film is going to offer an experience that’s worthy of premium ticket pricing – regardless of personal 3D taste. Make sure to stay informed about which 3D movies are worth your hard-earned cash by taking recommendations from people you trust, as well as reading professional reviews. Screen Rant reviewers view 3D-available releases in 3D – so check back regularly for which ones deliver on the added price!

What are your feelings on 3D? Share and discuss with us in the comments below.

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