3Below: Tales of Arcadia Season 1 Ending & Season 2 Future Explained

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Warning! MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for 3Below season 1!

3Below: Tales of Arcadia season 1's ending sets up a new era of Trollhunters3Below season 1 explores how it is the young alien royals, Princess Aja and Prince Krel came to live in Arcadia Oaks. Accompanied by their bodyguard, Varvatos Vex, the aliens do their best to blend in among the humans, but with bounty hunters tracking them and an evil dictator wishing them dead, maintaining their cover isn't always easy.

3Below is the second series in Guillermo del Toro's Tales of Arcadia, a trilogy of animated series from DreamWorks Animation Television that centers on the town of Arcadia Oaks and the weird things that happen there. The first series, Trollhunters, introduced the world of trolls hiding just below the town's surface and the teenager, Jim Lake, whose destiny it is to protect both trolls and humans alike. 3Below picks up events during Trollhunters final season, telling the story from Aja and Krel's perspective as they first arrive and later come to feel quite at home in Arcadia.

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Moving to a new town is never easy, but Aja and Krel have it more difficult than most. They're aliens, they're fleeing for their lives, and after crash-landing on Earth, they're stranded with no way home. In time, though, they begin thinking of Arcadia as home, and while their goal remains restoring their parents to life and returning to Akiridian-5, they find they enjoy their time on Earth. However, General Morando won't just leave them to live out their lives in peace, needing to destroy both them and their parents in order to secure his reign.

Here's what happened in 3Below's season 1 finale and where it might lead the series to go next.

What Happens in 3Below's Season 1 Finale

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With Morando's Omen - a Blank robot programmed to destroy any who resist - in control of the Mothership at the end of 3Below season 1, Aja and Krel are left looking on as it flies away, taking their parents' cores with it. As the two young royals fend off the bounty hunter, Zeron Alpha, their banished bodyguard, Varvatos Vex steals Zadra's ship and flies it straight at the Mothership, downing it. Unsure if Varvatas survived his sacrifice play, Stuart takes Buster to search the wreckage for him, while Aja, Krel, and Zadra head towards to crashed Mothership.

Zadra engages both Ricky and Lucy - aka Dadblank and Momblank, under the control of Omen - as Aja and Krel make their way towards Mothership's core. In order to save their parents, they must defeat Omen and get back control of Mother. Krel begins hacking into the ship's A.I., while Aja holds off Omen - now directly linked with Morando, who hopes to broadcast the death of the young royals to all of Akiridian-5 as a means of crushing the growing resistance to his rule.

Eventually, Krel manages to hack Mother's system, ripping control away from Omen just as the robot is about to kill his sister. With Morando no longer in control, Krel takes over the broadcast and uses it to send their own message to Akridian-5. Appearing on screens across the planet, Krel and Aja declare that not only are they still alive, but they will continue to fight to free Akiridian-5 from Morando's rule, inspiring the resistance to continue. Furious, Morando vows to destroy them, proclaiming that he'll even come to Earth to do it.

Back on Earth, Aja and Krel secure their parents' cores and continue the restoration process. Varvatos, it's revealed, has been captured by Zeron Alpha, last seen being taking off-world in the bounty hunter's ship. However, with Mothership now even more damaged, there's no chance of a pursuit. Aja and Krel will remain on Earth, continuing to experience life in Arcadia. But the truth of their identities may not stay a secret for long, because unaware to either Aja or Krel, their classmate Eli has snapped a photo of them in their Akiridian forms.

Will Aja & Krel Revive Their Parents In 3Below Season 2?

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Akiridians are an alien race comprised of energy and not organic material like the lifeforms on Earth. Because of this, they are capable of being restored after death, and could potentially even be immortal as long as their cores are undamaged. In fact, the opening scene of the 3Below's season 1 finale is a flashback to Aja and Krel learning that very lesson, with their father explaining that, "as long as your core remains intact then you can survive almost anything."

Since escaping Akiridian-5, the cores of Aja and Krel's parents have been incubated within Mothership, slowly restoring the King and Queen to life. The crux of the finale was all about stopping Omen from stealing the cores, but now that their back within the pods, the question of whether or not Aja and Krel's parents will ever be restored still lingers. It's clearly possible for it to happen, and 3Below might even feature a touching family reunion for the Tarron clan in future seasons. But then, seeing as the series began with Aja and Krel being crowned Queen and King-in-waiting, respectively, it would only stand to reason that 3Below would in time see them assume those roles.

Succeeding their parents as the new rulers of Akiridian-5 and, in the process, deposing Morando would be a feasible arc for Aja and Krel to have. During their time on Earth, they're learning not just about human culture, but about responsibility and leadership. They've become stronger and more confident, each recognizing their own strengths and refusing to let others define what they're capable of. Similar to Jim's journey in Trollhunters, Aja and Krel appear destined to not only save their home planet from Morando, but become its new rulers in the process.

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