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3Below, the next chapter in Guillermo del Toro's Tales of Arcadia, releases this week on Netflix and we've got an exclusive clip. A sequel of sorts to Trollhunters, 3Below again returns to the town of Arcadia Oaks and will explore the strange things that happen there. In the case of this series, the strange things are aliens who crash land on Earth and must find a way to repair their ship so they can return home.

Created by Guillermo del Toro, the Tales of Arcadia trilogy is one of many series to come from the partnership between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation Television. Trollhunters, the first series in the trilogy, introduces the world of trolls who live just below the surface of Arcadia. It follows the adventures of high school student Jim Lake, the first human Trollhunter who must protect trolls and humans alike from the evil trying to destroy both worlds. In 3Below, the franchise switches focus from underground trolls to stranded aliens, though Jim and his troll companions are set to appear in crossover episodes.

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3Below follows three aliens - Prince Krel Arikidion (Diego Luna), Princess Aja Arikidion (Tatiana Maslany), and their bodyguard, Commander Varvatos Vex (Nick Offerman) - who flee their home planet after it's taken over by an evil dictator. Crash-landing in Arcadia Oaks, the three do their best to blend in among the humans while trying to fix their spaceship so they can return home. However, as you'll see in the clip below, the humans of Arcadia Oaks are not very welcoming to the alien visitors:

This clip not only establishes the uninviting attitude humans appear to have to the aliens, but it introduces a government agency who's familiar with extraterrestrial life and are responsible for containing it. Clearly, this Officer Kubritz will be an antagonist for Krel, Aja, and Vex, though likely no their biggest enemy. That's sure to be the dictator who's taken over their home world. In fact, this season could even see the aliens and Kubritz reluctantly team up, needing to protect Earth from some intergalactic threat.

Along with Luna, Maslany, and Offerman, 3Below's cast also includes Glenn Close as the voice of their spaceship's computer, Mothership, as well as Cheryl Hines and Tom Kenny as the artificial Mom and Dad they create to help with their cover story that their just a normal, human family. 3Below season 1 will have 13 episodes, including the crossover episodes with Trollhunters, all of which will be available on Netflix the day of release.

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3Below season 1 releases Friday, December 21st on Netflix.

Source: DreamWorks

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