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Anthony Mackie, Seth Rogen, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Night Before Movie 2015 (Review)

The Night Before Review

The Night Before manages to be both an irreverent and sincere Christmas movie, sure to be a holiday favorite (albeit a zany one) for years to come.

Mr. Holmes review header

'Mr. Holmes' Review

Mr. Holmes is a solid (if unremarkable) period drama that is anchored by a great Ian McKellen performance as an old Sherlock Holmes.

Amy Schumer in 'Trainwreck' Movie (Review)

'Trainwreck' Review

Trainwreck is an honest film that defies gender stereotypes; though, more often than not, it still adheres to familiar romantic comedy tropes.

Ant-Man Movie Review

'Ant-Man' Review

Though being a formulaic Marvel superhero origin tale, Ant-Man gets a boost from a good ensemble cast and an overall tone of fun and creativity from director Peyton Reed.

Magic Mike XXL Review header

'Magic Mike XXL' Review

Magic Mike XXL may not be an insightful continuation of its predecessor, but it delivers an experience that many wanted the first time around.

Spy review with Melissa McCarthy

'Spy' Review

Spy is a very good showcase for Melissa McCarthy and another successful collaboration between her and director Paul Feig.

Furious 7 (Review Header)

'Furious 7' Review

Furious 7 is another solid Fast and the Furious installment - one that (flaws aside) provides a nice farewell to star Paul Walker.

Jake Weary and Maika Monroe in It Follows

'It Follows' Review

The film might not be as deep as it aspires to be, but It Follows is one retro horror movie that's quite creepy and has style to spare.

Get Hard Movie Poster

'Get Hard' Review

The combined power of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell is enough to make 'Get Hard's raunchy and juvenile look at prison life a whole lot of depraved fun.

'Chappie' Movie 2015 Robot (Review)

'Chappie' Review

Chappie succeeds in Blomkamp's principle goal: exploring a heightened version of childhood development told through the lens of gritty science-fiction and gangster stereotypes.

Project Almanac Movie 2015

'Project Almanac' Review

Even though Project Almanac does not reinvent the found footage format, the movie still manages to tell a gripping (and stylish) time travel story.

Big Eyes (Movie Review)

'Big Eyes' Review

Tim Burton buttons down his kooky expressiveness with Big Eyes, but the resulting film is one of his better (and more self-reflective) in recent memory.

'Into the Woods' Movie with Meryl Streep (Review)

'Into the Woods' Review

'Into the Woods' struggles in fine tuning prior iterations for the big screen, and finding its own identity as a film, but it's still an overall enchanting and entertaining musical experience for all ages.

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