Psychological Horror Film ‘3:30 a.m.’ Casts 'Step Up 2' and 'Kyle Xy' Stars as Leads

Briana Evigan in Sorority Row

Talk about a long time coming. The psychological horror film, 3:30 a.m., first hit the trades back in 2007 when news got out that Brittany Murphy would lead - but it isn’t until now that the film is finally getting off the ground, with plans to shoot in Romania in February.

Writer-director Mick Davis has been sitting on this since day one. He penned a script that, according to Variety, combines the eerie science of the autonomic nervous system with the real horror of one girl's terrifying journey." The original article, from November of 2007, says that the girl leaves "Gotham" to work at a country hotel after her father passes away and, while there, she “explores the connection between dreams and reality." However, quite some time has passed since that original write-up about the film was published, so changes may have been made.

Todd Slater of Slater Brothers Entertainment and Eric Woods of Eden Vale are on board to produce and currently have Briana Evigan and Matt Dallas in negotiations to star. As someone who merely dabbled in Kyle XY, Dallas is just the kid with no bellybutton - but Evigan, on the other hand, has proven time and time again she’s got something to offer – she just needs material that’ll let her show it.

Matt Dalls joins '3 30 am'
Matt Dallas

Say what you want, but Step Up 2: The Streets is entertaining enough  - and while Sorority Row has its flaws, it’s well above average as far as slasher film remakes go. Looking for a wonderfully brutal film starring Evigan? Catch the recently released Mother’s Day remake. Her role doesn't showcase much range, and the film’s plot cracks quite a bit towards the end - but if you’re down for a rather vicious bloodbath, it’s a big winner.

As for Mick Davis: having never caught any of his directorial efforts, it’s tough to pass judgment. But if the 3:30 a.m. script goes in The Invisible’s direction, it could have more layers to it than most. Let’s just hope Davis figured out how to hone those layers and justify his plot points.

More to come as the details on 3:30 a.m. come in!


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Source: Variety

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