300 Trailer = Testosterone Injection

I feel like outside of a very narrow fanboy / comic book geek zone that the upcoming movie 300 has been flying under the radar. From what I've seen so far, every guy on the planet needs to know about this film. As a matter of fact I was stunned to discover this is the first I've posted about this film!

Now to tell you the truth, outside of the trailer, I don't know much about this. It's based on a Frank Miller story, Miller being the guy who redefined Batman with his Dark Knight rendition of Bats... a gritty, nastier, more "real" incarnation of Batman than we'd seen before.

Well there's a new trailer out (thanks to SuperHeroHype for the heads up) that makes Braveheart look like a kindergarten story. I can picture Tim Allen back in his Home Improvement TV show days narrating this thing with a bunch of gutteral noises...

If you see an image below, click on it to start the trailer, otherwise just hit the "Play" button:

If you're a guy and that doesn't get your juices flowing, then you have issues that are beyond the scope of this website to handle. :-) 300 opens March 9th, 2007.

If you want to see the trailer in other formats, or learn more about the film go to the page at Yahoo! Movies.

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