'300: Battle of Artemisia' Star Eva Green Talks 'Manly' Character

'Casino Royale' and 'Dark Shadows' actress, Eva Green, recently discussed the role of her character, Artemisia, in the upcoming '300' spin-off - asserting that she's playing a more “manly” role than usual.

Though many details of the upcoming 300 spin-off (or is it a mid-quel?) 300: Battle of Artemisia remain matters of speculation, actress Eva Green (Dark Shadows), who plays the titular female lead, recently attempted to shed some light on the exact nature of her character and the role she plays in the story.

It’s already widely accepted that Green will be joining Rodrigo Santoro (reprising his role as Xerxes) as Artemisia, a Persian of particular influence. Beyond this, rumors have circulated that Artemisia is actually a goddess, or simply a power-hungry seductress. The latter would be more in keeping with the source material: Frank Miller’s graphic novel Xerxes, in which Artemisia uses her feminine wiles to manipulate the Persian emperor into invading Greece, in a cynical bid to further her own ambitions.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Greene discussed her character’s factual basis. From the actress’s description, the historical Artemisia sounds more like a courageous and cunning warrior-queen than a scheming social-climber. According to Green, she commanded substantial naval forces, and personally advised Xerxes on matters of war. It’s probably safe to assume she wasn’t a goddess, either. However, 300 didn’t exactly strive for Ken-Burns-caliber historical accuracy (the real Xerxes wasn’t into obsessive body-piercing and the real Persian “Immortals” were men, not goblins, etc.). It’s therefore safe to assume that 300: Battle of Artemisia won’t have a problem altering details for dramatic and stylistic effect, either. Green also mentioned that the role will be physically demanding, which suggests at least some aspects of Artemisia the warrior will be retained.

Check out the 300: Battle of Artemisia interview snippet below:

Regardless of the direction Noam Murro and company choose for the character, they’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more qualified than Green to bring Artemisia to life. With previous roles in action-thrillers such as Casino Royale and Kingdom of Heaven, she proved her ability to hold the attention of audiences even in the midst of frenetic fight scenes and epic battles. She expressed excitement about the prospect of playing a more “manly” character than usual, but she’ll hopefully bring the same subtle sensuality and vulnerability to 300: Battle of Artemisia that made her previous performances such a treat to behold.

300: Battle of Artemisia is tentatively scheduled for release on August 2nd, 2013.

Source: MTV News

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