300 Getting the 3D Treatment?

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300 may be joining the growing list of re-released movies that studios are retrofitting with 3D technology, in order to capitalize on the perpetual Avatar buzz.

Recently, Zack Snyder revealed that Warner Bros. gave portions of 300 the 3D treatment in order to convince the director to utilize the technology in his upcoming animated film Legend of the Guardians - which is now a 3D animated film.

Speaking about the possibility of 3D CGI abdominal muscles coming to theater near you, Snyder said:

"I saw maybe like a ten-minute section that they'd just done. I haven't seen the whole movie but they're talking about doing the whole movie."

Converting 300 into 3D is not an outright confirmation that movie-goers will get a three dimensional version of the film in the theaters, but it certainly seems plausible, considering the number of titles that are expected to get a 3D re-release in the next few years.

Taking a page out of the Toy Story 3 playbook, the re-release of 300 would, more than likely, be used to promote the upcoming 300 prequel film. The timing is definitely suspect, as Snyder is about to sit down with 300 creator Frank Miller to discuss the story for the prequel. What better way to generate buzz for the next film than to re-release the first one in 3D?

It's unfortunate to see so many films attempting to recreate the Avatar phenomenon - a painstaking project that utilized 3D in subtle ways in order to enhance the viewing experience. Sure, it's easy money for the studios, but re-releasing films that were not designed to be experienced in 3D is a step backward for the format; a shoddy marketing ploy that audiences will begin to ignore.

Ultimately retro-fitting movies with 3D will cheapen the power of the technology, as well as the potential interest moviegoers might have in 3D IPs.

Would you be interested in seeing a 3D conversion of 300? What do you think of the recent explosion of potential 3D re-releases?

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