30 Rock 10 Worst Things The Gang Did To Kenneth

Kenneth Parcell the page is one of the most mistreated people on television and yet he never seems to mind it. The gang of 30 Rock might like Kenneth thanks to his cheerful demeanor and optimistic view of the world, but that doesn't stop them from treating him like a lowly servant.

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Kenneth is a simple boy from the country who lives a sheltered religious life. He also takes his job as an NBC page extremely seriously, which means he is always willing to do anything for the people he works with. This often means he has to put his life and morals on the line. Here are the worst things the 30 Rock gang has done to Kenneth.

10 Taking His Money In Poker

Kenneth loves being a part of the fun, though he is rarely invited along. However, when he does manage to get in on all the madness, he often finds himself in over his head. When the TGS staff is having their regular poker game, Jack decides to join in and immediately dominates thanks to his skill at reading people. However, he faces a real problem, as he is unable to read Kenneth.

Not willing to be bested by the simple page, Jack hosts an extravagant poker night, all so he can have a rematch. Jack makes Kenneth bet his beloved job, and he loses after admitting he doesn't really understand the rules.

9 Setting Him Up With Cerie

Cerie is the beautiful young assistant who works at TGS and is an obsession for all the men who work there. They all know that she is way out of their league but they still push Kenneth to make a move on her after she admits he is cute.

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It's pretty clear that Kenneth does not have a lot of experience dating and he is made extremely nervous as the others continue to push the two together. This leads to Kenneth embarrassing himself with Cerie and the gang making fun of him for not being able to pull it off.

8 The Assassination Of The Hero Cat

Kenneth is willing to do anything to help out his friends and that usually leads to him getting seriously hurt. When Tracy begins questioning his own legacy and how he is only seen as a funny man, Kenneth agrees to help him change his public image.

The two decide to hatch a plan where Kenneth will pretend to assassinate a hero cat from the news, allowing Tracy to step in and save the day. Of course, Tracy forgets the plan, leading to Kenneth getting mercilessly beaten.

7 Making Him Relive His Past

Kenneth is always willing to hear about his friends' problems and help however he can. But no one ever asks about Kenneth's own struggles of which there are many. When Liz appoints Kenneth to be her relationship therapist, he does his best to listen and help. But then Liz accidentally opens up a traumatic memory from Kenneth's own past.

After he has a complete breakdown thanks to Liz's forced therapy sessions, Jack comes in to help out. Kenneth tells him the horrific story of how Kenneth's father-figure growing up was a pig named Harold who Kenneth was forced to eat in a pig-eating contest.

6 Making A Fake Religion

Kenneth always seems to see the best in people, which might explain why he is so gullible. The others pick up on this gullibility and try to extort it whenever they can. As Kenneth tries to share some of the Christmas cheer, some of the writers convince him they have their own religion with their own holiday celebrations.

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As Kenneth tries to accommodate the strange traditions of the fake religion, he discovers that it was made up. This sends Kenneth into an emotional spiral as he begins questioning whether his own religion could have been invented.

5 Making Him Seduce Banks

Despite the fact that he holds a relatively low position in the organization, Kenneth has been called upon to save NBC on numerous occasions. And it usually means he is put in a very uncomfortable position where he must go against all of his previously held beliefs.

When Jack's arch-nemesis Devon Banks seeks to take over Jack's position, Kenneth is brought in as a secret weapon. Jack has Kenneth seduce Banks as a distraction which, obviously, is the last thing Kenneth wants to do. But, always the team player, he goes through with it.

4 Getting Him Fired

There is nothing Kenneth loves more than his job as an NBC page, so having that taken from him would be the worst thing in the world. After Jack gets Kenneth a promotion in Los Angeles, Kenneth tries to turn it down so he can stay in New York.

After he is unable to turn the job down, Tracy suggests that Kenneth does such a bad job that he won't get the promotion. Unfortunately, the plan goes too well as Kenneth is fired as a result. In true Kenneth fashion, he leaves by giving a drunken rant about how much he likes everyone.

3 Killed His Bird

Kenneth on 30 Rock series finale

With all that Kenneth does for his friends, it's only right that he should be able to ask them for help on occasion. However, that usually ends in disaster. When Kenneth becomes overwhelmed by his new job, he asks Tracy to feed his bird. He only asks for the simple request that Tracy does not go into Kenneth's bedroom.

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Tracy obviously can't resist the mystery and he goes into the bedroom only to find a bug bomb going off. Tracy flees from the apartment leaving the bird, who Kenneth had for 60 years, to die from the bug bomb.

2 Abusing His Peanut Allergy

It's strange how often the love life of his friends often puts Kenneth in serious danger. When Kenneth has an allergic reaction to some peanut butter, the paramedics arrive to help him and Jenna meets a cute paramedic. Seeing as Jenna is a pretty selfish person, she sees only one way to see that man again.

Jenna begins poisoning Kenneth with peanut butter products so that the cute paramedic will return. Kenneth learns the truth and willingly poisons himself for true love. Though Kenneth is technically declared dead for a short time, Jenna realizes she's not interested in a serious relationship.

1 Ruining His Party

It's not hard to imagine that a party hosted by Kenneth would be less than an exciting time. Liz seems to be the only one who feels guilty enough to go to his parties and she admits how awful they are. In an effort to spice up this year's party, Tracy gets involved and things get out of control.

The following morning, we get a sense of just how bad things got. Pete left his wife at Kenneth's apartment. Someone ate all of the seizure medication for Kenneth's bird. And Liz made Grizz cry. It is one of the only times we see Kenneth genuinely upset with his friends.

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