30 Rock: Best Jenna Maroney Quotes

30 Rock is a show that finds it impossible to take itself seriously, showing the audience a ridiculous cast of characters, throwing in more and more as it goes. It's ironic and satirical, but at the same time it wants to be wacky, and it pulls it all off very well. One of the main characters that is constantly making us laugh is Jenna Maroney, the vain actress that will do anything to be on the front cover of the magazines. We wanted to go through her ten best quotes to show everyone just why she's one of the best characters in 30 Rock.

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10 She's Never Struggled With Confidence...

"Listen up, fives, a ten is speaking."

One of the reasons that many of the other characters don't like Jenna, or at the very least find her ridiculous, is that she has so much self-confidence that she can come across as rude. She thinks of herself as more important than anyone else, mainly down to the fact that she is a beautiful woman. This quote comes from a time when she's talking directly to the people that actually writer her lines, meaning that she is so confident in her looks and position that she's willing to talk down to those who put on the television!

9 She Has So Many Stories About Rourke!

"Your new vibe is a double edged sword, much like the one Mickey Rourke tried to kill me with."

Anyone that has watched 30 Rock will know that Jenna has an oft-mentioned relationship with Mickey Rourke that often travels into the ridiculous, if not the downright lewd!

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Apparently, the writers attempted to get the actor to finally appear on the show as himself, but he ended up turning it down. It would've been great to finally see how these two act around each other after hearing so much about the connection that the two of them share!

8 We've All Been There

"Okay I'll do it, but only for the attention."

In a lot of ways, Jenna is a character that never truly understands herself or what she wants, always jumping between schemes in an attempt to get on a magazine or just a tiny bit more fame, which is why we've always liked quotes like this that are so brutally honest. This character seems to only do something if it means that she might get noticed or receive a little bit of attention, and while some people may find that tiring, it's good that she knows this about herself!

7 Constantly On A Crazy Diet

"I can only eat paper, but I can eat as much paper as I want."

In a satirical swipe at all things famous, 30 Rock will often give the Jenna character lines like this to highlight exactly how women are expected to treat themselves if they want to end up famous. The writers aren't asking the audience to just laugh at Jenna here, the absurdity of the diet obviously having some comedy value, but also to take a look at the way women like Jenna are treated in the real world. It's a thinker, and we always enjoy whenever Jenna gets a line with a deeper meaning.

6 Sometimes We Want People To Hurt!

"No. Keep crying, I want you to remember this."

The show has made it perfectly clear over and over again that Jenna is the sort of woman to hold a grudge, so it makes sense that she would want people to remember when they were in the wrong! Sure, this is really brutal, but most people would have to admit that there's a lot of power behind this statement. People don't want to mess with a woman like this that will never forget when she has been wronged, while also delighting in being proved right!

5 She Wants All The Attention All The Time

"My whole life is thunder."

Yes, if anyone is attempting to take the limelight from Jenna, no matter when it is or what is going on in her life, she will let them know that she is the one who deserves the attention - and nobody else!

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Her whole life is thunder, meaning that it's impossible to be getting the attention near her without stealing her thunder in the process. As we've said, she knows what she wants and that's a good thing, so we say more power to those people out there that want the attention!

4 Jenna Has Lived Quite The Life

"A drinking contest? What am I, twelve and at my boyfriends frat party?"

This is one of those quotes that is very funny at first, and then the audience thinks about it for a second before realizing what it actually means. If anything, it's a darker comment on the lives that some young women are forced to live, while also acting as a chance for the writers to flesh out Jenna's character even more. She comes off as shallow, two dimensional, and vain, but by the end of the show she has become a legitimate character in her own right.

3 Doesn't Surprise Us...

"I would have gone to my high school reunion, but the boat I was educated on sank."

Anybody that has heard Jenna speak for longer than a minute will know that she isn't what a lot of people would refer to as "book smart." Sure, she has her own type of street smarts that have gotten her to where she is, but she definitely didn't learn any of those at school! Just like a lot of the humor that can be found on 30 Rock, this is an absurd joke that highlights just how uneducated Jenna is, while also giving the audience yet another peek into what it was like growing up as Jenna.

2 Yet She Still Wants To Help

"I take in fifty calories a day and I'm using them all up just trying to help you!"

Anyone that has seen every single episode of 30 Rock will know that Jenna is a character that is written to be self-centered, but that doesn't change the fact that she has also had moments where she will put aside what she wants to help others, especially when it comes down to her best friend Liz. It's funny that this character is only taking in that many calories as it is absurdly low, but it's also great to see her using all of those calories on somebody else.

1 Self-Love Is Very Important

"I love you, myself."

Yet another example of the way that the amount of confidence Jenna has within her can end up displaying itself as hugely narcissistic, and yet we still feel that there's something really beautiful about this quote that a lot of people could really learn from. Obviously, people need to be a lot more aware of how they come across than Jenna is, but that doesn't change the fact that many people could do with reminding themselves from time to time that they love themselves!

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