Star Wars seems to be what everyone is talking about these days, first with the big cast reveal last week for Star Wars: Episode VII and more recently with the film’s rumored subtitle, ‘The Ancient Fear.’ But now that some of the intense speculation is out of the way and principal photography on the movie is beginning very soon, everyone is looking to what’s next for the franchise in terms of sequels and spinoffs.

We already know that Star Wars: Episode VII will jump-start a new trilogy of films, continuing where the original trilogy left off and featuring the return of characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. We also know separate spinoff films will be released between each of these main films, though they will not overlap with the storyline from the old and new trilogies like films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And now we have an actual number for how many spinoffs are being planned. During the Walt Disney Company’s second quarter earnings conference call today, CEO Bob Iger confirmed to journalists, including ones at Variety and WSJ, that “at least three” spinoffs are in development for production over the next decade on top of the new trilogy. Essentially, if everything goes according to plan, there could be a new Star Wars film every year starting in 2015.

Yoda Standalone Spinoff Movie 570x294 Disney CEO Says At Least 3 Star Wars Spinoffs in Development

This news appears to jibe with previous rumors that Boba Fett, Han Solo and Yoda are the characters getting their origin stories told in the spinoff films. Lawrence Kasdan (co-writer of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) is said to be writing the Boba Fett spinoff, and based on other reports we can only assume Simon Kinberg (co-writer of Sherlock Holmes) will write the Han Solo film. There has been no word yet on who is working on the Yoda project.

Another key part of Iger’s reveal is that he says there will be be “at least” three spinoffs. Considering that two of these projects already have writers attached, but are supposedly many years away from theaters, it’s possible Disney is actually planning for them to release much sooner than anticipated.

Indeed, they could be merely the first of many spinoffs to come, and in time we could even see two or three new Star Wars films each year. At that rate, Disney and Lucasfilm will definitely need a story group to manage continuity in the universe.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Do you want to see a multitude of spinoffs released between the main Star Wars entries? Let us know in the comments.

Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Source: VarietyWSJ

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