3 New Incredible Hulk TV Spots For Ya

Ok, ok... you guys have been asking for the new TV spots for The Incredible Hulk so here you go. :-)

I figure it's the least I can do... this poor movie has had such a lack of marketing and publicity I feel like I need to help out a bit. And you - go out and tell your friends that yes, there is a NEW Hulk movie coming out and it looks COOL.

Don't quite feel that way yet? Check out the three TV spots below and then come back and talk to me.

If you want to see much bigger and more detailed versions of these commercials for The Incredible Hulk, you can watch them at the Hulk trailer and video page at

Believe it or not, The Incredible Hulk opens in less than a month on June 13th.

Thanks to my bud over at ReelComix for giving me the final kick in the pants to post these up. :-)

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