3 More Disappointing 'Dragonball' Clips

With the U.S. release of Dragonball approaching, MTV Splash Page has exclusives that will make die-hard fans cringe. Hints of how adaptation was handled are here, it doesn't look good.

Already released in various places around the globe, the marketing team keeps peddling this movie despite the negative press. The last time we checked, we had 5 character-centric TV spots and a name change but this time we get a little closer with actual scenes. Full of cheesy dialog, terrible acting and bad fight scenes, the three clips are excruciating to watch. You have been warned.

Goku and Chi Chi don't meet at the World Martial Arts Tournament, but at high school. Awesome.

Sans-Turtleshell Roshi explains details to Goku and Bulma. Great.

Grandpa Gohan and Goku square off on wires. Fantastic.

Anyone planning to see this mockery, just rake your eyes out, it'll be less painful. :P

Thanks FOX, I can always count on you to ruin childhoods. Between this and Street Fighter, I'd have to guess that you have something against 80's babies. Either that or you just can't adapt source material correctly.

Dragonball, sadly, will be released just a few days from now on April 8th.

Still looking forward to this? Or are you planning to burn FOX to the ground, too?

Source: MTV Splash Page

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