3-D, Live-Action Ghost In The Shell Film In The Works

So when he showed a genuine interest in the Japanese manga Ghost in the Shell, his company Dreamworks SKG bought up the rights before Universal and Sony (who were also vying for the property) could do anything about it.

And now comes word that Ghost is intended to be made into a 3-D live-action film(!) Spielberg's interest in making this movie is interesting considering how "anti-digital" he's been regarding moviemaking, not even wanting the upcoming Indiana Jones movie released digitally.

Although it's probably a few years down the line, it will interesting to see its development unfold.

At the moment, Jamie Moss (the screenwriter behind Street Kings) has been pegged to pen the script with Avi Arad (i.e. the former big-cheese at Marvel Films) lined up as one of the film's producers.

God knows who will end up helming this film.

And I can't help but think it will be another "green-screen" film along the lines of 300, Sin City, etc.

Source: Variety

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