Awesome Battlestar Galactica Prop Auction Pics

Back in January we told you about the first BSG props and costumes auction that took place, and last weekend, the 2nd Battlestar Galactica Props and Costumes Auction took place.  And lucky for you we had a spy lurking about and snapping some intelligence pics for Screen Rant!  (Here's a shout out to that spy, regular Screen Rant reader "790"!  Thanks bud.)

The auction took place at the Pasadena Expo Hall, May 8th through 10th, presented by Propworx.

Adama's Bunk

The auction had some awesome static props for your eyes to gaze upon and I wish that:

A. I was there.

B. I had more cash and space for some of these things.

It's always good to have a Centurion stand guard

Amongst the props was Starbuck's Viper Mark II, a Cylon Raider, the Blackbird Stealth Fighter,  a full size Cylon and a skin job resurrection chamber - just to name a few.

Cylon Raider, ready to take up space in your garage!

If you were so inclined, the costumes were numerous and affordable.

Various hangar deck signs and props.  Anyone need a drone?

Aside from the upcoming Battlestar Galactica TV movie titled The Plan, this might be the last time we see these goodies.

Lurking above, getting a nice picture of the parked vehicles


Cylon rebirth chamber for those damn dirty ap...  oh, wrong movie.


Starbuck's Viper (photo by 790)


Starbuck's Viper - many a Cylon have been trashed from those guns!


Cool view of Thrace's Viper


Anyone wanna take a spin?


Do you think they drove it there in one piece?


The Stealth Viper, christened Laura


Character autographs on the stealth ship


Yea, the dress looks better when being worn, but there ya have it.  Starbucks art also included.

And there ya have it.

Auction administration and 2 of the image sources: BattlestarProps

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