All Of 2K's Social Media Outlets Have Been Compromised

2K Games, known for publishing titles such as NBA 2K20 and Borderlands 3, has had its social media accounts hacked across multiple platforms.

2K Games Social Media Hacked

Multiple 2K Games' social media accounts were hacked yesterday, from Facebook to Twitter. 2K is responsible for publishing titles such as NBA 2K20, the BioShock series and XCOM.

This year was a roller coaster for the video game publishing company. Recently, 2K's latest WWE game came under scrutiny for being littered with bugs and graphical issues. On the flip-side, Borderlands 3 was received quite well and is projected to be one of this holiday's best sellers. However, nobody could have predicted this massive security issue.

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2K's social media breach is unusual because the hacker had access to its various accounts at the same time. And due to the scale of this infringement, it wouldn't be too surprising if more information came out soon. The company has also said that those posts aren't reflective of its values, since some contained explicit comments, and they have been wiped from their many social media platforms. 2K released a statement as well, saying that they're trying to fix the security issue.

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Some of the hacked posts were repeated across 2K's main accounts to its business partners such as the Borderlands Facebook page. Most of published messages were lighthearted posts, like "aqua is the best and that's on foenem" or hosting a follow spree on Twitter for people to tweet at Keemstar, a popular YouTuber who covers drama news. However, other posts were more vulgar, using racial slurs best not repeated here.

Usually, these issues are resolved in a swift manner but this hack looks to be a bigger security risk due to its length. For starters, whoever gained access to these accounts had to use an exploit to break into the system. When these types of occurrences happen, it's usually just one page or account that gets breached. This person had multiple platforms, even those branching into 2K's publishing partners like Borderlands. Either 2K has the same password spanning all of its social media or there's a hole somewhere in the system that keeps these codes. Either way, this is definitely an issue that needs to be investigated before it happens again. If not, 2K can only expect more and possibly worse social media hacks in the future.

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Source: 2K Games/Twitter

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