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Vacation 2015 Movie Review

'Vacation' Review

The new Vacation means well but tries too hard, and is ultimately just another pale imitation reboot.

Southpaw with Jake Gyllenhaal

'Southpaw' Review

Southpaw is a paint by numbers boxing drama kept afloat by good direction and a ferocious Jake Gyllenhaal performance.

Minions - Review Header

'Minions' Review

Minions delivers just enough of what people love about the eponymous Despicable Me characters to please their fanbase - but not much else.

Emilia Clarke and Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Terminator Genisys' (Review)

'Terminator Genisys' Review

Terminator Genisys is a good entry point for new viewers, with worthwhile setup for future installments, but falls short in evolving core elements of the series.

Entourage the movie starring Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold

'Entourage' Review

'Entourage: The Movie' arrives in theaters offering too little, way too late, for anyone but the die-hard fans to enjoy it.

'San Andreas' Movie 2015 Starring The Rock (Review)

'San Andreas' Review

It may be big, loud, and pretty dumb, but San Andreas is a fun (albeit fleeting) piece of summer blockbuster escapism.

Shelley Hennig as Blaire in 'Unfriended' movie 2015

'Unfriended' Review

'Unfriended' is a spooky ghost story parable that will (only) be fun for those who grew up in the era of the online social jungle.

'Home' starring Rihanna and Jim Parsons (Review)

'Home' Review

Home is a colorful and entertaining CGI adventure, but weighed down by an uneven and shallow story, falls short of animated greatness.

The Interview Movie Reviews Controversy Sony

'The Interview' Review

For all the controversy, in the end, the funniest thing about The Interview may be people's "Is that what the fuss was about?" response to the finished product.

Annie 2014 Movie Cast (Review)

'Annie' Review

Annie (2014) lands in an uninventive middle ground - it isn't necessary (or an improvement) but it isn't a total disaster either.

The Pyramid Movie Reviews (2014)

'The Pyramid' Review

'The Pyramid' overcomes thin writing and an inconsistent found-footage format to deliver a horror movie experience that actually fulfills its promises.

Laggies movie review

'Laggies' Review

Buoyed by Keira Knightley's empathetic performance, Laggies is a decent coming of adult age dramedy that (like its protagonist) is a bit too directionless.

Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, and Mark Strong in Before I Go To Sleep Movie (Review)

'Before I Go to Sleep' Review

Before I Go to Sleep does little to redefine the psychological thriller genre but still offers an intriguing central mystery that should keep viewers guessing.

'The Judge' Starring Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall (Review)

'The Judge' Review

The Judge is a very familiar tale of a man that finds humility in a return to his hometown - albeit one with a few genuinely powerful moments of drama.

Dracula Untold (Reviews) starrring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon and Charles Dance

'Dracula Untold' Review

'Dracula Untold' is not a masterful or deep re-introduction to the franchise; but as basic genre fare, it's relatively fun in its depiction of the monster in a different light.

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