25 MCU Cosplays That Seemed Impossible (But Fans Did Anyway)

Fandom is a kind of superpower. You can find people with such levels of dedication that it feels as if they have been born with a super skill. The largest kinds of fandoms tend to be those that are part of the huge franchises. The first kind of real fandom has to be from Star Wars. Its popularity became such that Star Wars is a way of life for thousands of people. In this day and age, although Star Wars remains just as popular, the king of franchise media has to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The series started with Iron Man in 2008, and just over a decade later it has exploded into something else entirely. With the roster of superheroes and characters from the MCU expanding more and more with each film, there is a whole world of cosplay potential here. And you don’t even have to take our word for it; a simple glance at the pop culture landscape will inform you of this.

There are those kinds of cosplays that will feel rather simple when you think about it, while some will seem an impossibility to make true. If you think the latter is factual, then you have no idea how wrong you are. The cosplays that are out there of characters so difficult to pull off are a sight to behold. These people deserve a list recognizing their painstaking efforts’ just rewards.

So, we’re here to bring to you 25 MCU Cosplays That Seemed Impossible (But Fans Did Anyway).

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25 Child Gamora

In Avengers: Infinity War, we saw what the child version of Gamora looked like. Although Thanos took an instant liking to her because she was a “fighter”, she didn’t do any of that when we saw her. Nevada Newman here, however, shows us just how feisty the child Gamora could be.

Taking inspiration from the adult Gamora, this one is the same fighter just in a smaller package. A beautiful job has been done here as not only is the appearance top notch, the little girl even looks almost identical to the actress that played the character.

24 Captain America

The Captain America uniform has changed in every appearance the character has made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the core aspect of the suit has remained the same – with the exception of the stealth suit in Captain America: The Winter Soldier – so it’s natural that Simply Davec chose to go with the popular choice.

He looks in top form as the Sentinel of Liberty. The shield, while not in full view, completes the character’s visage. The cosplayer is channeling the frustration Steve felt during the Avengers films. Saving the world time and again will do that to you.

23 Thor

Thor thought that Mjolnir was the object that brought him his lightning powers and found out the truth of the situation in Thor: Ragnarok. Before that, though, the God of Thunder really thought of himself as the God of Hammers as he relied on Mjolnir too much.

Thorofoz portrays the Thor we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron seeing that the likeness is very much alike and his Thor is channeling the powers intrinsic to him to Mjolnir. Adding the lightning aspect is a wonderful touch.

22 The Incredible Hulk

If you think you achieved something special by designing a costume that resembles a character, then think again. Lawrence Grech outperforms even the wildest expectations here by becoming the Incredible Hulk as seen in Thor: Ragnarok.

We can’t even begin to describe how he achieved this remarkable feat of becoming the green giant; you might want to follow him closely to pick up his secret. What we can say is that this kind of work perfectly shows the height of fandom that the MCU has achieved.

21 Proxima Midnight

Then again, it’s not just Lawrence Grech who has displayed their enthusiasm and commitment. Prizmateccosplay also lays down her claim as one of the most devoted MCU fans out there. While she doesn’t quite get the blue skin tone of Proxima Midnight, we can give her a pass considering she’s not a CGI character.

Everything else is just as we saw in Avengers: Infinity War. The no-nonsense expression is the same the film version carried and you can imagine the cosplayer staring into the distance in search for the Infinity Stone.

20 Thanos

Looking here, Prizmateccosplay just might take the title of the best cosplay. The Mad Titan Thanos tops lists of the near-impossible characters to cosplay (you can’t very well have purple skin on a whim, can you?), but the cosplayer here has achieved that and then some.

To top it all off, this cosplay features Thanos in his armor; another feat almost impossible to emulate. Finally, Thanos’ towering presence is brought just as it had been in Avengers: Infinity War. Surely a standing ovation is befitting of a cosplay to this degree.

19 Hela

The most recent MCU films have given us just about the best villains in the series. Thanos and Killmonger were of the highest quality, but another villain to rival them would be Hela. The Goddess of Death was far above Thor in all departments in Ragnarok and only lost because Thor had to use Surtur to destroy Asgard.

Jobeth Wagner is the closest thing we can have to Hela here on Earth. The headdress alone should bring her top honors in cosplaying. The costume and makeup are the cherry on top.

18 Captain Marvel

The most popular cosplayers out there ensure that they not only have the appearance and costume captured, the setting to convince the viewers of the likeness is also crafted. Florence Sofen adds in the space background for her version of Captain Marvel in this picture.

We’ve been informed by Kevin Fiege that Captain Marvel will be the most powerful character in all of the MCU, so Florence’s interpretation to have Captain Marvel fly in space with a blaze of asteroids surrounding her is appropriate. The suit looks identical to Brie Larson’s one.

17 Iron Spider

Iron Spider’s appearance was hotly anticipated in Spider-Man: Homecoming when it became clear that Tony Stark would be Peter’s mentor in the film. We did see the suit, but it wasn’t donned. This came true in Avengers: Infinity War and the suit was a thing of beauty.

Rockodubbs’ achievement of making an identical fanmade version of the Iron Spider is awe-inspiring. It was impossible to make the costume look as metallic as it did in Infinity War as that suit was CGI, but even making something as close to that is A-Okay.

16 Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Now we have the base version of Spider-Man with us. The Iron Spider in Avengers: Infinity War represented Peter taking on his greatest challenge ever as things went onto a universal level. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, we saw Peter in his friendly neighborhood setting as he took on the Vulture while engaging in normal teenager practices.

Taking the subway counts as normal and Webhead Parker takes on this version of Spider-Man in his cosplay. He not only made an awesome Spidey suit, he even hung upside down flawlessly while in a webshooting pose.

15 Vision

The guy who was the most useless in Avengers: Infinity War at least makes for a really cool character to cosplay. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vision was shown to be on par with, or maybe even more powerful than, Thor when it came to showcasing abilities.

That changed in the latest film but that doesn’t make Tall Squall weak in the slightest. You can see the crowd around admire his handiwork as the android. There are no flaws to pick from and you definitely get the urge to feel the material he is clad in.

14 Doctor Strange

Not only is this cosplay impressive, the fact that it’s not even a male cosplaying makes it even more so. 22bdisney shows us it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female when it comes to cosplaying. The Doctor is certainly on our screens with her portrayal as she displays no fear or trepidation.

Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War wasn’t as invincible as we’d thought he’d be, so this interpretation can be considered to be a future Stephen Strange who has full control of his powers.

13 Gamora

You’re bound to think of an unsettling sight if you consider someone to be born with green skin, but as Zoe Saldana showed us in Guardians of the Galaxy that green skin can still be attractive, so does Asia Carfi.

A well-known cosplayer, Gamora is among her most popular cosplays. We can see why, too, she looks lovely even with a change of skin color. Her interpretation is of a softer Gamora, one who isn’t burdened by guilt of her past actions. This version is more feminine and embraces this aspect of her personality.

12 Mantis

It would have taken only someone extremely unique to be accepted by the fans as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Mantis fit this bill as her personality is cute as a button and she forms part of a dysfunctional group that includes people like Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Drax.

Mayomiyomi gets the job done as Mantis by capturing the character’s antennas. This must have been ridiculously difficult to put together, so Mayomiyomi enters this list in her deserved position. Don’t forget her getting the costume right as well.

11 Iron Man

Any cosplay of Iron Man has to be considered impressive. You can’t very well make an actual suit like Tony Stark did, so whatever means taken to create an imitation of that gorgeous armor has to be appreciated.

Dejota Craft needs no justification for their efforts, however. This Iron Man suit is off the charts with its dedication to detail. It is part of the series of armors seen in Iron Man 3 and this cosplay makes us want to watch the Iron Man movies all over again.

10 Black Panther

Black Panther’s rise to popularity couldn’t have been done better. Captain America: Civil War introduced the King of Wakanda while Black Panther exploded him into super stardom. The film made over $1.3 billion and it is natural cosplayers want a piece of the action.

Imnotbradpitt (nice name) gives us a suit that would even confuse T’Challa whether it is his or not. The costume isn’t scary or filled with the mystery the MCU suit has, but just the sheer beauty of it is enough for us to give it full marks.

9 Ant-Man

In a perfect world, we just might have a cosplayer literally turning into the size of an ant or reaching skyscraper height levels to cosplay as Ant-Man. Obviously, these lofty expectations are impossible but smart cosplayers like Red Pym Cosplay know a way around it. Here, he has a magnified photo of himself holding a War Machine figurine.

This gives the impression that this Ant-Man has turned into Giant-Man and has the normal sized War Machine in his grasp. And you thought being a cosplayer was just about fancy costumes; it takes smarts too.

8 Loki

A collective cry of despair was released from all the fangirls who lost Loki in Avengers: Infinity War. The God of Mischief’s sketchy past finally caught up with him as Thanos crushed his neck like a grape. Before that, Loki was quite the comedian in Thor: Ragnarok and it is this happier version that Serg Loki Mirage hopes to emulate.

Of course, his getup suggests the Loki he is cosplaying is the one in The Avengers, but that Loki certainly didn’t smile as much. Regardless, this is one superb Loki we’ve got here.

7 Black Widow

Black Widow has a new hairdo in every appearance she has made in the MCU. Starting from Iron Man 2, all the way to Avenger: Infinity War she has had a new style to display. This has become a defining trait and fans want more.

Her best one has to be the hairstyle she rocked in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Keely Cosplay gives us what we want to see. Her style is a fusion too as the arm braces she has were the ones seen in Captain America: Civil War.

6 The Vulture

The Vuture was so popular in Spider-Man: Homecoming that we will be seeing him again in Spider-Man: Far From Home. That’s a mighty big achievement seeing that the MCU villains are almost always one-and-done. Fan interest is also high for the Vulture as you can see That Jai Guy displaying what is a huge (literally) piece of work.

He has not only gotten the large wings of the Vulture to stick, he even has the Vulture’s mask and claws on the feet. This could pass for a costume worthy of being in film.

5 Ronan

Ronan the Accuser is a unique character in that he will be returning to the MCU five years after his canonical demise in Guardians of the Galaxy. Captain Marvel is set to bring him back and this just might renew cosplay interest in him too.

At the time he was most popular, Teenageher0 came up with this incredible interpretation of Ronan. This one isn’t angry or tortured, he has a smile on his face while keeping the classic Ronan getup. It would be interesting to see a sedate Ronan on-screen as well.

4 Groot

No list can be complete without Groot, can it? Not when you’ve got such an awesome cosplay of the character. Propcustomz was so amazing in his cosplaying that it drew the interest one late Stan Lee! The cosplayer also penned a touching tribute to the Stan on Facebook, something that adds to his appeal.

It’s an incredible accomplishment the cosplayer has done; to appear in big events is one thing but to draw the attention of Stan the Man is the stuff of legends.

3 Nebula

The weird thing about Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy is that she is supposed to be this fierce, sadistic person fit with prosthetic parts and limbs, yet she can easily be considered a gorgeous woman. We can put that down to Karen Gilan’s looks, but AmberSkies achieves this pretty well herself.

Her Nebula is also fit with these artificial parts and additionally wields extra weaponry to strike down her enemies. Nebula turned into a good guy in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but this version doesn’t seem too friendly.

2 Red Skull

Avengers: Infinity War brought with it the welcome return of the Red Skull, who had been absent since Captain America: The First Avenger. In his return, Red Skull was now a wraith guarding the Soul stone. His unsettlingly calm demeanor was a stark contrast to the bombastic schemer in The First Avenger.

Red Skull Alliance reflects the eerie aspect of the character in Infinity War in this chilling cosplay. What’s scary is the expression of great pain and contempt plastered on this Red Skull’s face. The outstretched arm makes us question whether he’s here to collect souls.

1 Captain Marvel (Classic)

You want a combination of skill and beauty then look no further than JJ Dreamworldz. The wildly popular cosplayer shows off the classic suit of Captain Marvel. With the film based on the character due out in just a few months, the most popular cosplayers are looking to steal the prize for their interpretations.

Jj-dreamworldz’s take on Captain Marvel certainly is up there. She doesn’t need to make any flashy poses to convince us of her command of the situation; it’s all there in that confident stare of hers.


What do you think of these MCU cosplays? Let us know in the comments!

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