NBC To Save '24' From Ending?

Fox turns down script for 24 movie

Beyond the thrills of the actual TV show, fans of Fox's long-running real-time TV series 24 must be fretting in between each episode, as the fate of the show hangs in the balance. We've been hearing word for awhile now that 24 might be coming to an end after the current season. Sad news for long-time fans who still enjoy the exploits of Jack Bauer.

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A few days ago we reported on the inside word that the decision about 24's fate was going to come any day now (at the time of the post it was "a day or two" and yet here we are with no announcement). If the show ended, it would allow the creators time to make a feature film, as star Kiefer Sutherland and the writers and producers have been desperate to do for some time. In fact, they've already hired State of Play scribe Billy Ray to write the script for the 24 movie.

However, rather than flat-out cancellation there's always the chance that once Fox decides not to continue making the show another network will step up to the plate. I theorized that NBC might be that network, since it looks pretty likely that Heroes won't survive much longer. And now we're getting the word from Entertainment Weekly that NBC may very well save 24.

EW say that they have multiple sources (unnamed, of course) that claim 20th Century Fox (the studio) and Fox (the network) have approached NBC about taking 24 off their hands, should they choose not to renew it for another season. And word is NBC is considering it - "There's definitely some interest," said an insider close to the talks.

It's been noted that a move to NBC is still a long shot; aside from the dwindling ratings, the show comes with hefty price tag to make. Plus, it takes the better part of a year to make one season - that's a lot of cost for a network to bear. Still, the interest from a rival network shows that 24 isn't a dinosaur that no one wants anymore.


Kiefer Sutherland says the 24 movie script is finished.

Unfortunately for those looking forward to seeing Jack Bauer take down terrorists on the big screen, you may have to wait a little longer if NBC does pick up 24 (or if Fox just renews for a ninth season). Since the show's writers and producers have said it'd be impossible to shoot a feature film while still doing the TV version, we'll pretty much be waiting until 24 ends before we see a feature film.

What do you think: Happy to see interest from another network in picking up 24 if Fox decides its done with it? Is NBC the right network for the show to jump ship to?

Stay tuned for more on this news as it comes out. I'm sure it won't be too long before we get an announcement about Fox renewing or canceling the show, and in that case whether NBC does indeed pick it up.

Meanwhile, you can catch the next episode of 24 on Monday March 15th @ 9:00pm, on Fox.

Source: EW

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