10 Storylines From 24 That Were Never Resolved

24 was jam-packed with action and insanely good storylines. But almost ten years later, there are still a few storylines left unresolved. Take a peek!

Throughout its run, 24 established itself as one of the most addictive TV offerings ever. It also induced plenty of paranoia among viewers, given that most characters were rarely who they appeared to be.

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You'd see your quiet neighbor Jimmy being given an envelope by a strange-looking man outside his door and start panicking. Is he planning an attack on the White House? Should I call the police? What if the police are in on it too? Oh God! What am I going to do? All in all, 24 did a good job of creating intriguing storylines. But by the time the series was over, some were left unresolved. Here are ten notable ones.

10 Jack's Fate After Being Captured

If there's an art that Jack Bauer had mastered, it was the art of escaping. He made escaping look easier than spreading peanut butter on a slice of bread. Ssshh... don't tell that to Michael Scofield. No matter what situation he was in, he always found a way out. Jack looked like the type of guy who'd still manage to escape if he was tied up and thrown into a lion's den. You bet he'd most likely use the lion's canines to cut the ropes before knocking it out. Goodbye lion. You are not having Jack for dinner.

The final season ended with Jack surrendering himself to the Russians and being flown away in their chopper. In season 8, Jack had gone on a killing spree, taking down multiple Russians in quick succession like he was a Call Of Duty character. Obviously, his future in Moscow wasn't going to be a smooth cigar-smoking, vodka-sipping one. What if Jack shot everyone in the chopper and strangled the pilot shortly afterward? Sadly, assuming is all we can do. Even 24: Legacy (the spinoff) failed to give us a hint.

9 Jack's Reunion With His Daughter

A case might be made for Audrey, the love of his life, but there's no one Jack loved more than his daughter Kim. No matter what silly thing Kim did (there were many), daddy always came to the rescue.

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At the beginning of season 8, Kim and her dad were planning to live peacefully but duty called as usual. Daddy's gotta go save the world. They weren't seen together again. In 24: Live Another Day, the now lone Jack was promised by the CIA that they'd let him see Kim and her newborn son if he gave them the information they wanted. That's the last we ever heard about Kim. Did she reunite with her father eventually?

8 The Mystery Of The Moles

The fictional Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), which Jack worked for, was the organization tasked with thwarting efforts by supervillains. CTU had a one-fits-all solution to every problem—send Super Jack to the rescue. Is he retired? It doesn't matter. Bring him back for one last mission that will end up being ten last missions. Is he spending time with his family? We don't care. This isn't Fast & Furious where family comes first. In 24, the country comes fast.

However, despite its efficiency, there was always a mole inside CTU that was working with the terrorists. How did moles manage to get into a highly-protected agency so frequently? Someone must have been helping them. What if a fan-favorite character or a high-ranking government official was revealed as the person who always created paths for moles to thrive? This would have been a magical twist. Sadly, moles kept coming and we couldn't help but wonder why CTU never set up preventive measures to stop this from recurring.

7 Aaron Pierce's Whereabouts

Played by Glenn Morshower, Aaron Pierce was the type of character who made you want to be President, just so you could have a guardian angel like him. Pierce was a secret service agent in charge of the president's protection detail.

Throughout the series, nearly all presidents kept him on board. Even while serving under the Lord of Conspiracy Charles Logan, Pierce remained a man of integrity. He even gave us one of the best quotes of the series by telling Charles: "You're a traitor to this nation and a disgrace to your office. It's my duty to see that you're brought to justice for what you've done. Is there anything else, Charles?" Sadly, shortly after Pierce began to suspect that first daughter Olivia Taylor was up to no good in season 7, he was never seen again. Given that he was the most likable character besides Jack and Chloe, his fate should have at least been explained.

6 David Palmer's Convenient Immortality

In the final episode of season 2, there was an attempt on President Palmer's life as he shook hands with supporters.  However, he somehow survived without explanation. Call it convenient immortality since his story wasn't over. Palmer was later killed by a sniper when he was no longer president.

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What made Palmer survive? Was it because the toxin wasn't lethal enough or was it because his medical team performed a miracle? No one knows for sure. Palmer went about his business like all he had done was knock his foot on a stone.

5 And Logan's Too...

President Logan also had a case of convenient immortality. In season 6, he was fatally stabbed by his wife Martha causing everyone to dance and ululate since he was the most annoying character on TV, way before a kid called Tariq appeared in the Starz original series Power.

However, Logan showed up again in season 8 in good health like he had the healing properties of Wolverine. Aargh... not him again. To make matters worse, he had been freed from house arrest and given a presidential pardon. Will the real Logan please stand up? Sit down, Hugh Jackman. Your Logan died for real. 24's Logan didn't.

4 Chloe's Plan

Have there ever been better TV friends than Jack Bauer and Chloe? Their heart-to-heart conversations were as touching as their arguments. "Damn it, Chloe!" became an iconic line that Jack enjoyed using whenever Chloe was too slow in performing a cyber-related task.

In 24: Live Another Day, Jack allowed himself to be captured in order to save Chloe. What did she do after this? Chloe risked her job several times to help Jack. It would thus be very logical for her to try and save him. Did she or did she not? The guessing game continues.

3 Wayne Palmer's Health Status

D. B Woodside is best known for playing the sought after bachelor Malcolm Franks in Single Ladies. But in 24, he was President Wayne Palmer. He was the younger brother of David Palmer who took over the oval in season 6. As the season ended, he suffered a brain hemorrhage and fell into a coma.

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As president, Wayne wasn't as impressive as his big brother. He always appeared indecisive. However, it would have been nice if his actual fate was revealed before the series came to a conclusion. Did he die? Did he remain in a coma?

2 The First President

Throughout most of 24's run, presidents played key roles in the ongoing events. In some seasons, the President even looked like Jack Bauer's personal assistant. Tell me what you need Master Jack. I'll give it to you. I am the President but you are the man. I'll do whatever you say.

Interestingly, it has never been clear who the President was in season one. Was it Harry Barnes, the man who David Palmer succeded? Why was POTUS so silent during the events of Day 1? Perhaps he was just taking a long nap. Being President is exhausting.

1 Why 'Division' existed

Throughout the series, an oversight organization known as 'Division' was constantly mentioned. The people at Division were masters of muscle-flexing and institutional bullying. Once in a while, someone from there would show up at Counter Terrorist Unit offices to yell at the hardworking agents and make their lives unnecessarily unbearable.

But what exactly was Division? What was its main task in the country? Was it like the NSA or FBI? Was it an arm of government? Who was running it? Did Division also oversee other government agencies apart from CTU?

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