24 Season Seven Resurrects Dead Character

Be warned, this post contains a spoiler about season seven of Fox's 24.

Season six of 24 is for me, the one in which the series finally ran out of steam. I will of course be tuning in for the season 7 premiere (in January?) but I'll be watching with a jaded eye. Last season started out weaker than the previous five and took much longer to suck me in. And despite the fact that they set off a nuke in L.A. it never really grabbed me as much as the previous "days." The nail in the coffin was when the story abruptly shifted gears about 3/4 of the way through with the "Jack must save Aubrey" storyline.

Ok, on to the latest...

I actually like the fact that no one on the show is safe from being killed (except for Jack Bauer, of course) as it heightens the drama. On other shows where you know that the main characters will be there next week no matter what, it takes a lot of the suspense out of whatever predicament they're in. Last season the writers killed off some of the regular characters on the show, one of which was extremely popular: CTU agent Tony Almeida.

Well just like Lazarus, Tony is being resurrected from the dead.

I think fans of the show will be torn over this turn of events: On the one hand, Almeida is an awesome character on the show and was just great to watch. However on the other... he was DEAD.

That undermines the show IMHO, and there was no "Lana Lang disappearing behind a truck" ambiguity to his death. He was in the med center in CTU and died due to his injuries from an explosion. White sheet pulled over his head and everything.

This is no doubt a move by the producers to counteract the bad press and falling ratings of last season. Now the writers on the show have been quite brilliant in the past, so I'll withhold judgement on Tony's resurrection until I see how they work it into the show... but knee jerk reaction?

Come ON now.

24 premieres on Sunday, January 13th 2008.

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