"24" Season Finale

Sorry gang, this is an old post for a season finale of 24 from a couple of years ago. I've been stacking up this season's episodes on my Tivo and have not yet seen the finale yet myself so I don't have a summary/review for you. You might find what you're looking for at the official website for 24.

Well that was a heck of a season of Fox's 24, wasn't it? I think that had the highest ongoing character body count yet. I don't know how anybody who doesn't have a DVR watches this show... I stack 'em up on the hard drive for weeks (delaying my gratification) and then I watch them 2-3 in a row without commercials. :-)

I have to say that after the excitement the show delivers week to week, the ending left me a little disappointed. There was tension in the first half, but the decompression at the end left me feeling somewhat empty. It was nice to see Jack break down after such a harrowing year/day. He would not have been human if all he's been through didn't have an effect on him.

I thought chopping Chase's hand off was a bit much. Why weren't the bomb guys able to go by wire connection position instead of color? Maybe it was a different bomb configuration altogether? They made up for the hand chop with Jack's decision of where to stash the about-to-explode bomb, however: A cafeteria glass refrigerator? Good call. :-)

Looks like a lot of folks won't be back next year... maybe the writers are looking to break the mold a bit, which can be a good thing.

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