24: Season 8 Hour 3 & 4 Review and Discussion

The last 24 hours of my life have been interesting. I have been responding to comments and emails of all kinds regarding my initial review and discussion of part 1 of 24's Season 8 launch. Last night's offerings featured a cast comprised of both new and familiar characters and even more familiar goings-on inside the first 88 minutes. Would the second half of the premiere provide us with something more filling? Or were we locked into an all-too-familiar Jack-based fate? The answer came shortly after tonight's second hour ended in the way that, as a one fan so eloquently tweeted:

"...I give tonight's second episode Five Whirring, Bloody Buzzsaws Out of Five!"

Once again it's time to don the covert manpurse, load your .40cal H&K, and strap in for a spoiler-ridden review of the third and fourth hours of 24 Season 8!

These reviews are, as stated above, filled with story-decimating SPOILERS. Readers beware...

Last hour we left the venerable and determined Jack Bauer with a new but somehow familiar free reign to operate, with Chloe at his side and one goal - find the assassin targeting Middle East President Hassan at all costs! Jack heads to one of the outlying neighborhoods of New York on a lead that Chloe brandishes from a traffic cam. Jack then does some real detective work, by paying off a basketball-playing youth who has seen the man he's looking for recently arrive by cab.  The young lad directs Jack to a blue house across the the court where he saw the man go. As Jack investigates, he sees the ghastly corpse of a semi-dressed police officer who's been shot in the head. Jack draws his weapon and clears the house and calls Chloe to get more intel.

Jack suddenly realizes that police have been dispatched to the house and only one suspect remains in the house with a gun - him. A partial explanation and taser gun later, Jack awakens strapped to a chair getting the first beating of 2010 from a justice-seeking policeman. Eventually, the policeman's partner assists Jack in putting a stop to the vengeful beating and the two of them are able to get the vital intel about the now-dead officer to the powers at CTUNY, who piece together where the now dead cop was supposed to be on detail. This, along with a faux bomb threat inside the UN eventually reveal that the bomb is not actually in the UN building itself, but somewhere in the actual road/path that is being cleared for President Hassan's emergency exit.

As the second hour of this evening's offering ignites, the Russian mobster who has set the lethal trap arms the bomb hidden under a manhole cover and prepares to push the button to kill President Hassan. Agent Cole (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is able use his car to ram the presidential vehicle out of the blast zone and ends up saving the life of President Hassan.

Meanwhile, Agent Cole extracts himself from the car, ensures that President Hassan is in a new able-to-escape vehicle, and notices a frumpy, out of place police officer and realizes that this is the man they've been looking for. The Russian mobster realizes that the plan has been foiled and runs into one of New York's many abandoned, yet exceptionally lit buildings and receives a  call from President Hassan's brother, Omar, who inquires as to his brother's status. "He survived," he states, "and soon they'll know it was you who was involved." Realizing that the walls of justice are quickly closing around him, Omar takes advantage of the pen he usually signs brotherly checks with and stabs one of the many in-proximity guards in the neck and makes his escape.

Back at CTU, Dana receives a call from her former manlover, Kevin, and they engage in conversation that completely derails the moment and pace of the program. I didn't see nor will I see any value to this wayward interaction so I shant share anything else about it.

Jack has now traveled halfway across New York to arrive at the  blast scene in just 4 minutes, and takes up arms with Cole to hunt for the assassin inside the aforementioned abandoned building. The Russian mobster gets the drop on Cole, who clearly doesn't watch enough 24, and orders him to his knees. Jack gets the drop on The Russian mobster who clearly has missed the many syndicated repeats of 24 in his motherland, creating yet another dead Russian mobster for this 8th season of 24. Jack is able to capture the ornate tattoos from the most-recent dead body and sends it along to CTUNY for posterity and research.

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