'24' Season 7 Discussion

So it's finally really begun again - another riveting season (7) of Fox TV's 24.

Less than two months ago we were given the "Day 7" teaser called 24: Redemption, which gave some backstory for what will happen over the next 24 hours (Jack Bauer time). I stated in the comments on that post that it looks like the show has recovered from its "jump the shark" season 6 and seems to be back in fine form.

And tonight's two hour season premiere continues the "24 is BACK" feeling.

The episode opened with Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland, looking a lot older and more ragged than when we first met him) in front of a Senate committee, being grilled by a senator in an obvious set up that will lead to his indictment. He is called away by the FBI in order to help track down domestic terrorists led by Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), thought to be dead.

Jack is partnered up with FBI agent Renee Walker (Annie Wersching), a smart and capable agent who grudgingly goes along with Jack's "special" way of doing things. There's an informant at the FBI and he convinces her that until we know who that is, she can't trust anyone. Among the cast are Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) - the socially inept but super-savvy computer geek (she hasn't appeared yet and I miss her already). In her place (at least initially) we have another female computer geek, Janice Gold, played by (if you can believe it) Janeane Garofalo. Knowing her political stance on things and the fact that this show skews Conservative, I'm really stunned to see her on it.

Also returning to the show will be the stalwart Bill Buchanan (James Morrison, also not yet seen). Another new person is smarmy, sarcastic computer expert Sean Hillinger (Rhys Coiro), who no doubt will be getting a comeuppance at some point during the season.

The newly elected, and first female President (Allison Taylor) has to make a decision on invading a foreign country (as seen in "Redemption") where a rebel leader is committing genocide in the hundreds of thousands. This of course dovetails with the local terrorists with which Almeida is involved. At this point it's not clear if he really has "gone bad," but I suspect he's trying to infiltrate and uncover something big.

In any case, I thought we needed a central discussion point here at Screen Rant for the 7th season of 24, so here you go!

For more information visit the official site for the series.

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