'24' Movie Aiming for a Spring 2012 Start Date

Fox Planning for Spring Start on '24' Movie

Jack is back - for real this time. At the beginning of the year, a report claimed that Fox was unsatisfied with Billy Ray's script for the big screen version of the hit series 24 and that the movie was in temporary limbo. Not long after, however, Kiefer Sutherland said that the movie was still in the works and that certain elements of Ray's script were still in play.

Now, just like its hero, the 24 movie has burst back to life to kick terrorist butt. According to a new report, 24 is just about ready for the big time, pending some last-minute tweaks to the screenplay from new screenwriter Mark Bomback (Unstoppable, The Wolverine).

Deadline has the story that Imagine Entertainment and Fox are pushing hard to get the film started by spring to accommodate Kiefer Sutherland's schedule. Assuming there's nothing wrong with Bomback's take on the script, which he has to turn in by the end of the year, 24 could start filming as early as April 2012.

At this point, we don't know who Jack Bauer will be fighting as the veteran federal agent/bad-ass, but its unlikely that fans of the series will care. Over its eight seasons on the air, 24 racked up a huge following for its explosive action and fast-paced storytelling. In retrospect, it seems unlikely that anyone (even a counter-terrorist agent) would have so many terrible days, but Bauer's frequent life-and-death challenges were a breath of fresh air in a TV world filled with reality shows.

One concern about the 24 movie is that it doesn't have a director yet. Deadline says that director Tony Scott is not attached to the film anymore, but five directors are currently vying for the spot. Needless to say, whoever does take on the director's chair for the 24 movie has a big job on their hands, particularly since many reviewers (including our own Vic Holtreman) thought the 24 series finale was weak.

Are you excited that the 24 movie seems to be moving along? What story do you hope to see for Jack Bauer on the big screen?

Source: Deadline

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