24: Legacy Trailer; Prequel Comic Book Announced

FOX's upcoming series 24: Legacy gets an action-packed new trailer, and new hero Eric Carter gets his own comic book series.

Corey Hawkins FOX 24 Legacy

24 was in many ways FOX's signature drama series of the 2000s, an action-packed adrenaline rush where no one's allegiance was certain. The show's primary claim to fame was its real-time story concept, in which each episode of a given 24 season presented the events of one hour in a single dangerous day in the life of protagonist Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). At this point, Bauer is arguably Sutherland's signature, career-defining role, despite his long resume prior to 24's premiere.

In 2014, 24 returned from with the limited miniseries event 24: Live Another Day, which transported Jack's deadly adventures overseas. Live Another Day was a hit with critics, but drew a slightly more mixed reaction from fans. Still, the ratings were decent enough that many wondered when FOX would deliver more 24 action to viewers. As it turned out, the answer is 2017, but with a pretty big change to the patented 24 formula: no Jack Bauer.

Like Live Another Day, 24: Legacy will also consist of 12 episodes, but still stick to 24's signature real-time concept. The plot now centers on Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), an ex-Army Ranger who participated in the operation to take out a terrorist leader prior to his return home. Unfortunately, the terrorist organization is now out to take retribution by attacking inside the U.S., leaving Eric to try and stop them. FOX has released a new trailer for Legacy, and THR also reports interested viewers can soon learn more about Carter's background in a 5-issue prequel comic book series. The trailer can be viewed above.

Corey Hawkins FOX 24 Legacy

Released by IDW Publishing, the 24: Legacy - Rules of Engagement prequel comic will be written by Christopher Farnsworth, and will detail Carter's history prior to the series premiere. This will include time spent in both Iraq and Washington, D.C., long before he helped take down the aforementioned terrorist leader. Antonio Fuso will supply the art, with 24: Legacy executive producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz supervising the whole endeavor.

24: Legacy - Rules of Engagement will become available both in stores and digitally in April, although a firm date has not yet been revealed. This series continues IDW's relationship with 24, which also included a prequel comic set before Live Another Day, entitled 24: Underground. With Eric Carter set to take the 24 reins from such a beloved character as Jack Bauer, it's probably a good idea for FOX and company to give fans every opportunity to learn more about and connect with this new hero going forward, especially if 24: Legacy ends up returning in 2018.

24: Legacy premieres on Sunday, February 5, right after the Super Bowl.

Sources: FOX, THR

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