24: Legacy Trailer – The Clock Has Been Reset

Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter in 24 Legacy

When it was announced that FOX had plans to offer 24: Legacy as a continuation of the network's long-running series 24, many were left skeptical that the show's method of delivering a fast-paced, real-time War on Terror was strong enough to sell itself without the reliable presence of star Kiefer Sutherland and his on-screen alter ego Jack Bauer. And after the network made the announcement that Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins would take over as new leading man Eric Carter, the clock was officially ticking on whether or not FOX could actually pull this off and not only make 24: Legacy into a series worthy of its predecessor but also one that fans will flock to as they did for eight seasons when Jack Bauer and the CTU fought to make the world a safer place.

From the first look, the series definitely does a good job bringing back many of the classic elements that helped make the original series such a standout. The split-screen editing and the ticking clock are both present, which immediately helps make the whole presentation feel familiar. There's a lot of fast-paced talking on cell phones as the trailer works its way through some exposition to get the audience familiar with Hawkins' Carter, as well as that of Miranda Otto's Rebecca Ingram and even Jimmy Smitt's John Donovan. While the trailer manages to introduce both characters in what is the expected cursory fashion, it is mostly focused on selling the series' signature style of brutal gunplay, explosions, and the occasional round of fisticuffs, as a way of reminding everyone that others can play with the same exigency as Jack and it doesn't even require a "Dammit, Chloe!" to feel like we're right at home.

Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter in 24 Legacy

From what can be gleaned, Carter's past as a soldier has come back to haunt him and put his wife Nicole (Anna Diop) in the line of fire. Given that the man who is apparently seeking vengeance on Carter is presumably a known terrorist – since every one refers to him by name – his actions have caught the eye of Otto and the CTU, which sounds like the series has a solid foundation of how its primary characters are going to interact and eventually work with one another throughout what will undoubtedly be a very hectic and violent 24 hours.

The pilot episode was directed by Stephen Hopkins, who is returning to the franchise after directing the pilot for the original 24, all the way back in 2001. From the look of things, Hopkins hasn't missed a beat and still knows how to put multiple characters onscreen at the same time without the presentation devolving into complete chaos.

24: Legacy will premiere with a two-night event after the Super Bowl on February 5th and 6th, 2017.

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