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24: Legacy has a re-formed CTU, a brand new protagonist and a deadly terrorist plot to occupy another drama-fueled day. The reboot series is now filling out its government agency ranks with great momentum, regularly revealing fresh casting announcements for the entirely new set of characters. The series has already secured Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton) and Miranda Otto (Homeland) for the two lead roles and has just sourced the latest key team member from popular TV with The Flash guest star Teddy Sears.

Legacy will share the same real-time format as the original show with each episode conveying an hour within a full day in which a terrorist threat takes place. The stylistic traits synonymous with the franchise -- such as the use of split screen and an accelerated pace will be present, but the returning showrunners have moved the reboot forward by designing their concept around a fresh set of characters, retiring Kiefer Sutherland's iconic Jack Bauer (for now, at least) along with his remaining, surviving original colleagues.

So far, it has been revealed that Hawkins' character will be filling a Bauer-esque role as military hero Eric Carter, who is seeking CTU's help as his life is threatened by a past adversary from his service in Iraq. This danger will connect somehow with the greater storyline of a terrorist plot to attack American soil. Otto's character, Rebecca Ingram, is a former CTU head who is drawn back into the counter terrorist action, and Deadline has now revealed that the role of her successor -- the current head of the unit -- will be played by Sears. The character's name is Keith Mullins, the ambitious former second of Ingram, who replaced her when she stepped down.

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In addition, to Sears' recurring role as Jay Garrick in The Flash, he has proved his versatility in a variety of shows including Masters of Sex and American Horror Story. Greater details about his Legacy character are yet to be disclosed, but developing conflict within the CTU staff has often been a device used by 24 to create additional drama, by focusing on bluffs about character loyalties and sticky plot twists. Perhaps this ambitious character will resent the intervention of his former boss and cause dangerous distractions -- a season of 24 where everyone just does their job professionally and without a bit of personal conflict just wouldn't be the 24 we have come to expect.

Despite the inevitable disappointment that the franchise has absconded its enigmatic, seasoned lead for a rookie set of characters, the casting news released so far seems like the creators are making strong choices in securing the kind of talent necessary to bring confident authenticity to Legacy in Jack Bauer's absence. But will it be enough?

Screen Rant will continue to keep you posted with news of 24: Legacy as it develops.

Source: Deadline

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