24: Legacy Casts Homeland's Miranda Otto as Female Lead

Homeland season 5 -Miranda Otto cast in 24: Legacy

After discovering the upcoming 24 reboot 24: Legacy would not feature the series' iconic Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) as the male lead, the most awaited news for fans of the original show was the casting of the new protagonist: military hero, Eric Carter. Now that it has been revealed Straight Outta Compton's Corey Hawkins has landed the role, interest has shifted further to the series' mysterious new female lead and the actor who will be bringing her to life.

Fans did not need to wait long for the answer to that question, though, as it has been revealed that Miranda Otto, whose recent role in Homeland proved she's more than qualified to portray secret government agents, has been recruited to join the brand new cast.

24: Legacy will continue with the successful concept of the original, maintaining the real-time format and setting, but shifting the focus to an all new cast and fresh plot. The new series has been scripted by 24 writers Evan Katz and Manny Coto and will be directed by Stephen Hopkins, who is returning to the franchise from the pilot episode back in 2001.

FOX has revealed that Legacy will center around Carter who becomes involved with CTU when his life is threatened by an as-yet unexplained connection from his military past. This threat will somehow correspond to a larger plot of a deadly terrorist attack on American soil. Deadline has confirmed Otto's casting and the details of her role on the show.

Miranda Otto in Homeland Season 5

The Australian actress will play former CTU chief and Senator's wife, Rebecca Ingram, who regrets her decision to leave the unit and will no doubt be drawn back into the action in light of the new threats. This role will mark the second time Otto will have worked with Homeland's executive producer Howard Gordon (who joins co-producers Katz, Coto, and Brian Glazer for the series). Otto made an impression as Homeland's Alison Carr in her season 5 role, handling the sensual and conniving CIA agent with subtle command throughout a complicated character arc that involved a long game reveal of her true intentions and allegiances.

Whereas long-time 24 fans may be disenchanted by the lack of Sutherland's established talent, each new casting announcement suggests the showrunners are handling their decisions astutely, bringing diversity and proven aptitude into the new roles. Both Hawkins and Otto have large shoes to fill in Legacy but their combined talents could be more than enough to cement the franchise's new direction in the eyes of 24's existing fan base and potential new audience.

When we are let back through CTU's glass doors, the faces may be new but the continued involvement of veteran 24 creators is a reassuring sign that much will also be familiar. And although it doesn't look as if Jack Bauer will be released from his Russian prison anytime soon, Sutherland has endorsed Legacy with his blessing, so hopefully it won't disappoint.

Screen Rant will continue to keep you posted with news of 24: Legacy as it develops.

Source: Deadline

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