Sutherland & Producer Talk '24' Cancellation; NBC Not Interested

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Unless you've been without Internet access for the last few days, you've probably heard the unfortunate (but somehow inevitable) news that Fox's hit series 24 has been cancelled. At first it was a Tweet from show producer Jon Cassar, but then came the reaction from the other folks involved, including exec producer and showrunner Howard Gordon.

As a fan of 24 I am very sad about this news - personally I thought it could have gone on at least another season. But a silver lining is that a movie version of the show now has the freedom to be developed (the writers and producers have said on numerous occasions a movie was not possible while the show is still on the air). A writer for the 24 movie has already been found in the form of Billy Ray.

Since you can never get enough updates on a story like this, we have one here for you: Jack Bauer himself, Kiefer Sutherland, along with Howard Gordon, recently spoke to USA Today about 24's cancellation and its future and they revealed a couple of interesting pieces of info:

'24' on NBC

Before 24's cancellation became a confirmed reality, we heard that one of Fox's rival networks, NBC, might pick up the expensive and tough-to-make show if Fox didn't renew it for a ninth season. Yeah, well, so much for hoping as USA Today's article reveals that pitching the show to NBC was "a challenge" and the network wasn't interested. Looks like fans' last hope of 24 continuing as a TV show has been squashed.

'24' The Movie

The other bits of info build on previous reports of Billy Ray's 24 movie script taking Jack Bauer to Europe. We learn now that the location will likely be Prague. Also, the movie will likely take place within the time frame of one day, although this hasn't been officially approved quite yet. However, if the movie does go that route, it would mark the first time that 24 breaks from its unique real-time format (the thing that I think the show will most be remembered for). Of course such a change does have cinematic advantages, notably allowing Jack Bauer to travel without us having to see him in real-time flying on a plane...

Other than new info on what will become of 24 after the show ends this May, Sutherland and Gordon talked about working on the show. Not surprisingly, Sutherland is feeling, "really nostalgic and really sad... Before this show, I wasn't working a whole lot." Even if his role in The Lost Boys will always be remembered, I think Jack Bauer will be the role Sutherland is best known for.

Sutherland also talked about how difficult the show was to make and keep going all these years:

"I know they (the writers) get incredibly burnt and bent... Ultimately, we felt we had a much better opportunity of doing something special by doing a film ... than going back to another season and doing 24 more episodes. The more you do it, the more you paint yourself into a corner, and I think, 'How many times have I played the same moment over and over?'"

For the rest of the interview - where it's hinted at where the rest of the show's (now final) season will go and how it will end - you can head over to USA Today.

Fox turns down script for 24 movie

As I said, I'm sad to see 24 go (it really is a groundbreaking TV series) but at the same time I'm excited to see what they do within the framework of a feature film with the real-time shackles off. When they said it was going to take place in Europe, I assumed somewhere like France, Italy or perhaps even the UK - but Prague is a beautiful city and not necessarily somewhere I'd expect the sort of stuff that goes on in 24 to happen. Color me intrigued.

What do you think of what's been said about 24? Sad that NBC isn't taking the show off of Fox's hands? What sort of story would you like the movie to have?

Source: USA Today (via Cinema Blend)

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